On the Third Day of Book Blogmas,
Parajunkee gave to me…

Three Perfect Gifts to Give Book Lovers…

#BookBlogmas Day 3 Challenge:

Present Perfect: perfect book lover gifts.
Name some wonderful gifts to give book lovers.

Parajunkee's View

The Lili Lite Shelf, dubbed the Ultimate Bed Lamp

Ultimate Book Lovers Gifts

When you pull your book off of this shelf, the light turns on. Return your book to the shelf and the light turns off. It is the perfect reading light in your room.  It even has a very interesting look. The shelf is priced at about $150.

Reading Journal: For Book Lovers

Book Reader's Journal

A journal to track all that you’ve read, with spots to fill out all the information, rate the book and jot down a few notes about the book. This is a must have for any book lover, especially for one that likes to review their books on a blog, amazon.com or other review sites.

Oraton Rubber Stamps – Library Embosser

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

I love this gift! It’s like a notary stamp and an easy way to mark your books in a very stylish way, instead of just scrawling your name on the inside. At only $26.00 this is also a very thoughtful and affordable gift for Book Lovers.

Now it is your turn!


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