Seven of the stupidest advice I’ve been given in regards to blogging.

One. Publish frequently or risk your readers losing interest.

No one cares that you forgot to post on Wednesday, they only care that the stuff you publish is good.

Two. Blog and the readers will follow.

I would still be waiting for followers if I followed that mantra – it’s like “if you build it, they will come.” And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean people will listen.

Three. You should blog about popular things.

I got this one when I discussed blogging books, it was suggested by other bloggers that I pick more “popular” topics. Sure, I don’t bring in the page views that the fashion bloggers bring in – but who cares!? I don’t have a passion for fashion. Sure, I could fake it – but wouldn’t people see that? Blog about where your passion lies.

Four. Blogging is Dead. Get on

Have you been on lately? It’s like a chaotic stew of oddballs, mean comments and pedophiles. That really isn’t the place I want to be. Plus I don’t have that vlogger voice…I’m sorry, blogging is not dead, why should I vlog about the written word?? There is nothing wrong with YouTubers, just like there is nothing wrong with bloggers.

Five. Don’t Engage with Negativity!

There are trolls and then there are people that might be negative, but there might be truth in their negativity. Those people might ruin your day, but learning from their comments could really pay off. If you get a negative comment, reply, ask them to maybe expand on their comment. If they get ugly, ignore it, but if it is just a difference of opinion you might get a really good conversation started.

Six. If your content is great, the design doesn’t matter.

Your site should load quickly, it should not have a terrible design and it should have a welcome design. End of story. Content will not be read if your design scares off the readers.

Seven. You can’t blog that! A Teen might read it.

I fell for this one. I fell for it hard. Mainly because I knew there were teens that were reading my blog. There were like three of them. I made sure all my content was PG or PG13, even though, most of the books I read were PG13 and above. My blog is for adults, adults who read YA and Romance and everything I can think of, if a teen reads my blog, they are probably going to be a mature teen. I’m not a YA blogger and I don’t want to pretend to be. Write the way you want to, if you don’t want to censor, if you have a potty mouth – go for it.