PJV Quickie: Claudia Gray’s latest novel, A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU, was a genre bending scifi masterpiece. Gray introduced original and creative ideas all within a captivating voice that had me flipping the pages in anticipation of what will happen next.A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU is a must read.

Review: Marguerite, an artist on her way to her college dreams has lived an interesting life with two very odd physicist parents. Her life has been filled with her parents research on a machine that has finally come to fruition, the Firebird. But, just as her parent’s life goals have been accomplished, her father is killed and the main suspect is Paul, their research assistant, who is now using the Firebird to hide in other universes. Marguerite now must use the Firebird to track her father’s killer and explore different universes in which he might be hiding.

Wow. Claudia Gray has one stunning imagination. This is unlike anything I’ve read before and then she intwined this original idea with a wonderful romance and a great plot that moved forward and added balance to such a very LARGE idea. Her characters were also extremely likable and the whole thing set the stage for a great beginning of a fantastic series. Can I gush anymore?

Recommendations: This is a great transition novel to science fiction and time travel type romances. It can also be classified within that New Adult type of age range, even though it is listed as a Young Adult novel. The characters ages are very ambivalent and engage in very adult behavior.  Mentality, not explicit. This is why I say it falls more within New Adult, than YA, and if you are looking for something in that age bracket it’s a good book to pick up. But, most NA is very romance heave and this one isn’t a romance per se, where most of those novels usually fall within. It’s kind of like something you might get from Nora Roberts, but broader, more world-building, or a young adult novel rom Lauren Oliver. This one is harder to describe…but definitely a must read.