A New Year’s Resolution is all about setting goals for oneself. Making changes, changes for the better. But, it doesn’t always have to be about changes to oneself as a person, it can be changes to one’s output, as in your blog. Set a New Year’s Resolution for your blog.

Setting Goals

Setting goals are an important part of blogging. You should always have something in mind when you do anything for your blog. The main thing is to identify those goals and move toward accomplishing those goals. 

Your blogging goal can be something as simple as:

Reading more Adult novels so you can increase the age of your readership.

Or as complicated as:

Monetize your blog to earn more income in 2015.

Once you’ve identified your goals, you should also have steps to accomplish these goals and then mold your blogging around those steps. It seems like a simple and logical thought, but sometimes we lose track of our goals. The end of the year is a good time to reevaluate our goals and set a road map, just like we would do with our personal life.

I thought I would also share some common New Year’s Blogger Resolutions with you. Maybe you can get some ideas.


  1. Organize Post Schedules
  2. Improve Content
  3. Connect with Readers
  4. Comment More
  5. Redesign the Blog
  6. Increase Pageviews
  7. Run more Contests
  8. Be more social
  9. Attend a Blogger Con

How should you identify your blogging goals?

The first thing you should do is ask yourself a few questions and maybe that can help you identify your goals.

Blogging Goals

  1. Why do I blog?
  2. Who do I want to read my blog?
  3. What do I hope to accomplish with my blog?
  4. What makes me happy in my blogging world?
  5. What things do I not enjoy about blogging?
  6. What have I noticed that worked for me in the past?
  7. What blogs or people do I want to emulate?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, write your answers down. Use your answers to point you in the right direction. Analyze your goals and see if they are reasonable and you can accomplish them.  Break down your goals into easy to accomplish steps and then reward yourself as you accomplish the goals. You can do this. Good luck!

What are some of your Blogger Goals? How do you plan on achieving them?