PJV Quickie: UNEXPECTED EDEN by Rhenna Morgan is your typical Paranormal Romance: fantastical hottie appears out of no where, in search of his fated mate and sets his sights on an unexpected human, who with his help discovers that she isn’t just a lowly human, but a paranormal super being. Rhenna Morgan writes a compelling story, but I didn’t find anything different that made it stands out in the genre.

Review: The story revolves around the creation story and the fact that God made the perfect being first and then decided he needed to muddy us up a bit and created humans. The perfect beings were allowed to enslave humans though and then there was war, being the all-knowing creator, he decided to kick the poor humans out of Eden and let the “perfect” beings stay in Eden. Humans have no idea about their former status as lesser beings, but the Eden people actually get to jump back and forth from Eden to Earth. Talk about a very unfair deal?! Lexi & Eryx are the couple that the book focuses on, Eryx the leader of Eden and Lexi the bartender he yanks into Eden without her consent. Once he drags her into Eden he keeps a ton of information from her about Eden, tells her she just might die, because humans aren’t allowed in Eden and then sticks her in his bed – she just kind of goes along with it. Painted as a strong character in the beginning, Morgan just fell into the “typical PNR” writing algorithm with her book and allowed the “human” to be overshadowed by the paranormal world as soon as she entered it. This type of writing never really sits well with me, because it doesn’t strike me as true.

A smart, strong, female would not just sit back and say “okay” as her life was just taken over by a stranger, supernatural or not, hottie or not, inexplicable and sexually drawn to him or not…when the character does this, my thoughts are that the character is a pushover, or isn’t as smart or strong as she was first introduced as. Yet, PNR writers will use this technique, because a strong female that comes up against a pushy alpha male – well that tends to lead to fighting and arguments – which if you have a BIG paranormal world to explain, takes up too much room. So, let’s just paint our heroine as laid back. If you like that sort of romance, which a lot of you guys do, this is a really good book. The world building is top-notch, Morgan came up with a very unique world that I would love to read more about. She can also tell a great story, her characters are very 3 dimensional, especially the paranormal characters. Her antagonist was a little stereotypical and there was a few chapters in his POV, which I usually skipped over…but other than that, a competent PNR.

Recommendations: Adults only, this is a romance novel or the paranormal persuasion. Fans of authors like Feehan, Ivy and Kenyon should enjoy.