This might be an obvious tip for some, but for a few of us, scheduling our posts just doesn’t happen. We write our posts, we post immediately after and we are done. You don’t have to go over-the-top and have months scheduled in advanced, but having a functioning editorial calendar helps you organize and de-stress. There is nothing like having a last minute appointment or emergency and that post you were supposed to have scheduled can’t go live because you had to set it up that morning and you just couldn’t get to it.

Blogging Quick Tip: Schedule Your Posts!

Create a quick calendar, printed or use an online calendar like Google Calendar and have your posts set in advanced. Then set-up your posts and have them scheduled for the exact time and date you need the post to go live.

Don’t know how to schedule your posts?

In Blogger, within your post editor, look on the right hand column, under Post Settings (click the orange triangle if it is not shown) – you should see a link that says Schedule. Click on schedule and use the calendar to set your date.

Blogging Quick Tips, Schedule your post


In WordPress your Schedule Post area is also on the right hand column in your post editor. Look for Publish Immediately and click the EDIT next to it. A date dropdown will appear, select your date and time.  If you are thinking hard on setting up an editorial calendar, Worpdress also has some great plugins – try for FREE the Editorial Calendar plugin. Or if you want to take you editorial calendar off the charts, with EVERYTHING all in one spot, try the premium plugin Co-Schedule.

Blogging Quick Tip