My traffic on a holiday is always low, people are busy – well celebrating the holiday. They aren’t on my blog, they are eating turkey or waiting for Santa. But, you don’t want your readers to think that you are a total slacker – you want to post something right?

Here are some quick ideas on what to post on the holidays.

Post an image

Just put up a Happy Holidays image, or Enjoy Your Turkey! There are tons of free eCards on the internet with holiday wishes. Post a funny one, or a serious one. Simple.

Happy Thanksgiving

Well Wishes

Simply wish your readers well this holiday season. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a warm wishes type of post.

Holiday Recipe

Post a quick recipe of what you will be eating that day, those can be easy to post especially if it is what you are making and have the recipe handy.

Holiday Reading List

What are you reading on your day off? Share with some well wishes.

Holiday Story

A short story about the current holiday, it doesn’t have to be a novel, just a few paragraphs that reveals a bit about you.

Share a Book

Have a favorite book that is based around the holiday that is being celebrated? Share the book in a quick – “this is a great book to read.”

Holiday Diary

A day in the life of you the blogger, what are you doing today? Take tons of pictures, add a playlist, link to specific restaurants or stores you go to.

Ask A Question

Prompt your readers to chime in, this could backfire though if there is no one reading your blog.

Schedule a Guest Post or Interview

Line up a Guest Post of Interview for that day. Spin it as a Holiday Celebration of Them. 😀

Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your family and have some good eats!