They key to having people read your blog post is to actually get them to your blog post. You can’t complain about people not reading your book review, if you can’t even get the people to see your book review. What’s the trick? There really isn’t a trick – but here are a few suggestions to help them move a little closer to your words.

  1. Include searchable keywords in your post. If you want people to find your blog if they search contemporary romance, make sure you use that term within your post.
  2. Cross promote your posts, put related links at the bottom of your posts, or direct link them within your content.
  3. Include an eye-catching headline for your post.
  4. Work on your network, join blogging communities and forums that will cross-promote your posts.
  5. Guest blog or contribute on bigger sites than your own, establish yourself as a great content producer with entertainment value and the page views will follow.
  6. Set-up a blog roll, advertising swap or cross-promotion group.
  7. Include your post title or main keyword as the ALT tag on your main image. (Explanation at bottom of post)
  8. Comment on other sites.
  9. Respond to comments on your own site.
  10. Regularly comment on leading blog sites and industry professionals, authors, publishing sites and news sites.
  11. Share your posts on social networks.
  12. Submit your post to StumbleUpon.
  13. Include all parties involved in your tweet, publishers and authors. But only if it is positive.

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ALT tags are the alternative text version of your image. Always include an ALT tag on your image for SEO purposes and users that are not able to “view” your web page in the usual manner.

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