Confession: No on reads my book reviews. Okay, a few people read my book reviews, but nothing compared to the readership and interactions I get on — say this type of post.


And really, this is how all this got started, right? Book reviews. Book Blog. Book stuff! Books. Books. Books. I’m a book blogger. I should review books. They send me books so I can review them on my blog. Will THEY hate me when they read this and find out that no one gives a shit about my book reviews? I hope not.

Looks over shoulder guiltily.

Honestly though, I recommend more books via a quick tweet of “this book was awesome” than I do with a well thought-out and titillating review.  Because no one wants to read a review, unless it has some entertainment value and three paragraphs on the reasons “this book was awesome” <– that is not entertainment. Three paragraphs on why THIS BOOK SUCKED, well that has more entertainment value – hence the reasons my negative reviews are on a 3:1 page view ratio with my positive reviews. What do I have to do? Am I not entertaining? 


All the experts (whoever they hell they are) say the reason no one reads certain post is — you are not offering valuable information — what? I’m telling you the book rocks, is that not valuable? Is my thoughtful digestion of the book not awesome? WHY!? WHY!?

That is my denial phase. Which usually leads to my bitter phase and then my despondent phase.

Should I just give up? Should I sell out? Negative reviews get more attention, should I just read really CRAPPY books and post about them!? What would they think of me? Or better yet, I can start reviewing vitamin supplements (I get a TON of request to review those for some reason) – that would get their attention!

No, really, to be serious here – I have really thought about just saying “screw it” and posting whatever the hell I feel like it, which doesn’t include book reviews. Because, frankly — this just sucks:

No one loves me


…and it makes me want to react like this, to blogging in general:

Who's next?

But, I don’t, cause I’m a professional and I really do like blogging and my other posts get a lot of attention. Just not my book reviews. Maybe that says something about my tastes in books. Or maybe my book review style. Or maybe just my readership.


Are you having similar issues? Please say I’m not the only one!