PJV Quickie: Eighty pages of sexy bad-boy makes for a quick and satisfying read, courtesy of Mandy Baxter’s Billionaire’s club series. The third book, ROCKED BY THE BILLIONAIRE features a “one that got away” romance between small town girl Kaleigh and famous rocker, Luke “Lucifer” Blackwell. The book was a hot little number, my only disappointment – it was too short!

Review: Luke Blackwell is in a downward spiral, not really finding satisfaction in his rock star lifestyle and he traced it all back to his high school sweetheart and only love, Kayleigh Taylor. Luke devastated Kayleigh when he left her with little explanation to “make it big,” so when he returns, looking to reacquaint himself with her, she isn’t too eager to start back where they left off. Luke’s cocky personality and the fact that he won’t take no for an answer makes it really hard for Kayleigh, especially since she is still in-love with Luke. Their reunion is both sexy and swoon-worthy as Kayleigh brings Luke to heel – or well it might be the other way around.

The book was well written and the romance was believable. I liked all the characters and Luke was very very hot. We all need Lucifer in our lives. I will now have to go back and read Baxter’s other Billionaires. Because – well, you can’t have too many billionaires, even though a rock star billionaire is not that believable. They make a lot of money, but I checked Forbes – and there are no rock stars on the billionaire list, unless you count George Lucas.

Recommendations: Adult only, a lot of sexy-time. Fans of Jennifer Probst & Sylvia Day should enjoy!

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