PJV Quickie: The final book in the Percy Jackson world came to a close with The Blood of Olympus and I don’t think Rick Riordan could have ended it any better.  Rick Riordan has always been a straight forward author within his series, his books are full of these action-packed quests, his characters are rich and entertaining and each plot sequence has led up to this final climatic conclusion. It was a good, competent series that is a perfect companion for young, energetic readers and I’m sad to see it come to a conclusion, but Riordan delivered a perfectly PG happily-ever-after that made for a standing-ovation as the curtains closed and Percy took his bow. Because, frankly – Percy and his gang deserve some much needed R&R.

Review: The last books have been a roller-coaster of events, cliff-hangars and insane twists and turns all leading up to the final battle between Gaea and the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. The quests that have been taking place throughout the last few books, recovery of the Athena Parthenos to return peace between the Greeks and the Romans, the destruction of the giants that are assisting in Gaea’s awakening,  all come to a close within THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS. It was a great conclusion as the heroes have to battle all the remaining giants and even have to face the Romans that are being led by the insane Octavian, and remain alive and well so they can’t be sacrificed to awaken Gaea. Riordan crafted it well, even though I wasn’t too sure about the final bits when he used a few “artistic licensing” pieces to move the plot along. But, I wasn’t too flustered by them, this is a series for younger readers and how Riordan put the “perfect” spin on everything, even the final climatic moments, just gave the series an overall feel-good emotional ride that made for a comforting and satisfying conclusion, perfect for his target reader. This wasn’t a sniffly, kind of horrifying but triumphant ending like Harry Potter, but a fist-pump, amusing and triumphant end to the series – in the same vein of the entire Percy Jackson world that Rick Riordan created. Can’t believe it’s over, but it was a satisfying ending.

Narration: In the final bits, we suddenly had a new narrator, Nick Chamian in his slightly better depiction of all the heroes of Olympus. Nick Chamian replaced long-time Percy narrator Joshua Swanson in only the last two books. I was never a fan of Joshua Swanson and his over-exaggerated antagonist voices, or high-squeaky girl voices.  But Chamian seemed to use Swanson as his guide with the series and continued the trend, making it a bit better, but not by much. He wasn’t a narrator that would make me NOT pick up the audiobook, but I wouldn’t consider his narration to be high-quality. Competent. And for a great series, it should have been a great narration, it just wasn’t.

Recommendations: Parents, give this series to your children. They need to read this series. Riordan makes the Greek and Roman gods fun and you might even learn something along the way. Granted not everything in his books are historically accurate, but he does an amazing job of keeping it very very true to form.