You can find inspiration at any point in your day, it can even happen while you are in the grocery line, or sitting in carpool. Chances are, you will not be sitting at your computer trying to force it out.

Blogging Quick Tip: Keep a Blogging Journal

Blogging Quick Tip

As a blogger, organization and having your blog posts prepped is the key to a successful and stress-free existence. One technique I use continually to track my ideas, is an idea journal. I’ combat stress and keep my blog fresh by jounaling, it’s easy and can even be fun. This should not be done on your computer, but in a notebook where you can quickly jot down notes or blog post ideas. I push, not to do it electronically – but of course if you are doing a spreadsheet – there is nothing wrong with this – but the notebook is for those small pops of genius that you have during they day. You keep the notebook in your purse, or near where you read – and if you have a post idea you jot it down. It does not have to be a genius idea, just an idea. You might just get inspired!