Controversial post topics to draw them in, but might kill you a little bit inside as you write them

…a Naughty Girl’s Guide to Blogging


You’re An Idiot If You Do This

You're an Idiot

You know of a popular fad that is making the rounds of your social media crowd? Does it make you want to vomit a little bit, each time you see someone do this? Post about it, make sure to use sentences like “only dumb people would do this” and “past-times of the poor and ignorant” that should keep them coming in. You might get some negative feedback from the poor and ignorant, but secretly everyone will be agreeing with you.

Do Something Naughty

Naughty Blogger

Look, here I am grabbing THREE of these hot ARCs at BEA! Three bitches! Glare in horror and jealousy as I flaunt them on my blog, telling you sweetly that I shall give one to a giveaway winner and the other one to my bestie best blog bestie that shall remain nameless because I haven’t figured out who my bestie is as of yet. It might be you, but probably not.

Take a Tip From a Fashion Blogger

Book Porn

No, don’t steal their content! But, take some tips from one! Those girls sure know how to get pageviews and one of those things they like to do – post pictures of themselves…and sometimes they are like, well they don’t wear a lot of “fashion.” Turn “book porn” into book porn! Hot librarians are the rage, show off what you are really doing in the library’s erotica section… (do they have erotica sections in libraries?? If not, why?!)

Public Service Announcement with a Bite!

Caution: Ignorance Ahead

Nothing gets our motor revving than a good anti-something-or-other piece. Shoot for a really good one, where people can commiserate and put themselves within your embattled shoes. A post where they can take pity on you, moan with you regarding the injustice served and then get motivated to screw that person, place, thing or business over with grand vigor and divine (or undivine depending on your religious background) and righteous indignation. Make sure that your headline is really good too…for example:

Parajunkee Screwed Me Over! How the book blog forced me to read the Fever series and now my world view is completely skewed!

Disagree With A Popular Belief


I just don’t like children” will definitely get you some attention, (especially if you have children) probably not very positive attention, but hey, page views are page views.

True Confessions of a Narcissistic Blogger

Read YA to Get Girls

You don’t have to be narcissistic per-se, but admit it, most of us bloggers have a touch of narcissism, why else would we blog and post and re-post and display proudly our 500 twitter followers? Pride? Same thing. So, confess it. Admit it. Let it all hang out…

Overall, you shouldn’t be afraid to post about controversial topics. My only suggestion, if you go this route, make sure you are passionate about the topic. Your readers will know if you are just “faking it” because it will come across in your writing.