PJV Quickie: I watched the series before I even began reading this The 100 by Kass Morgan. and I have to say, it is very close to the CW series, or at least the idea is close. Considering the idea of this book is awesome, with it’s off the charts originality, the series should do really well. The problem with the book, though, is the fact that the delivery of said idea, did not work as well. It was enjoyable, but didn’t blow me away.

Review: The POV switches keep things going quickly and the time frame keeps the novel fast-paced and moving swiftly, one thing after another, which gives you that edge of the seat feel. The problem with the fast pace is that you never latch on to one specific character and enjoy being in their head. They are very 2D and can be repetitive at times. Again, great idea, but could use some work with the characters and the world. I think the television show took the idea and ran with it…and made it work. If you enjoyed the television show, check out the book. You might find it enlightening.

Recommendations: For fans of the tv series and just CW shows in general. Scifi and Dystopian fans should enjoy, but you might be disappointed in the lack of world-building.

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