PJV Quickie: In the fourth book in Maggie Shayne’s BROWN AND DE LUCA series, Shayne delivered another edge of your seat edition to her long running series. Poor Rachel and Mason just can’t catch a break and this time the stakes are so much higher than in the past!

Review: The thing I like about Maggie Shayne is that you can pick up any of her books and you know exactly what you are going to get. There is always a good mystery, some crazy antagonist and a bit of romance to feed the need. DEADLY OBSESSION was no different. I also had no problem jumping into the series, even though I missed the last book. Shayne doesn’t recount the prior events of the last books in any sort of telling way, she subtly hints at prior events so readers can catch up and be filled in, without it being obvious. And then she delivers a crazy mystery, wrapped up in a feel-good package. Her characters might be a little stereotypical at points, especially her “bad guys,” but the story is a good one and the characters are highly likable.

In the fourth book, DEADLY OBSESSION you are introduced to Rachel de Luca and Mason Brown again, they are dealing with the repercussions of the last stories and now have a lot more to deal with. Mason is burned while he is rescuing children and his heroics put him in the sights of a sociopath. Now Rachel and Mason have to discover who is behind the threats all while keeping their family together and exploring their own relationship. I really enjoyed DEADLY OBSESSION and I recommend it to fans of Romantic Suspense.

Recommendation: Fans of Shayne will not be disappointed, this is an adult novel, but there is nothing too explicit about the title. Fans of Heather Graham and Karen Harper should really enjoy.