PJV Quickie: I hadn’t read Wrecked, when I picked up Razed by Shiloh Walker, but as a fan of the author, I knew that her contemporary series had to be as good as her other Urban Fantasy and PNR titles. My assumption was correct! I wasn’t disappointed. The story is about Keelie, a gritty tattoo artist, who was introduced in Wrecked as, from what I can tell – the antagonistic “other woman” in the Zach romance arc. It made the romance all the more complicated, revving it up for some great angst and some external issues that were fun to read about. But, boy do I wish I would have read Wrecked!

Review: The novel picks up at the wedding of the characters from Wrecked and with Keelie facing facts that she probably doesn’t really love Zach. But, then Zane, Zach’s brother swoops in – on a mission to win Keelie over. There is obvious sexual attraction, but is there more to it? Zane needs more, but Keelie isn’t so sure and their tumultuous coming together is great to read. Especially when the other characters start interacting and making things a bit more complicated. It was a pleasure to read and now I’m kicking myself that I hadn’t read Wrecked. Didn’t I say that already?

There were a few little issues, I thought the characters reactions were sometimes over-the-top and the storyline was a bit formulaic, but it was an overall entertaining and sexy read. Can’t wait to read more more.

Recommendations: Sexy time is in play  via Shiloh Walker’s Razed, adults only please. For fans of New Adult and authors like Ann Aguirre and Sophie Jordan. Enjoy and don’t pass this one up!

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