PJV Quickie: A quick, fun and sexy read, TOXIC by Carol Ericson was full of twists and turns, secrets and scandals and to my delight was a great way to spend a few hours.

Review: Classified as a contemporary romantic suspense tale, Harlequin launches a new line called Noir and it was definitely a bit darker than the usual fare. The characters were a bit dirtier and the story was a lot more scandalous…and the end result was a sexy read, with hot characters, wrapped in a mystery that had a very surprising ending. The story is about a bar owner, a private investigator in search of a missing woman and a small town where bodies are beginning to pop up left and right. It was interesting. And fun to read about. The two main characters, Ronnie and J.P. are a sexy mix, starting off from the beginning with sexual tension and flirtation that was nice to read about. The overall feel of the tale was, as intended, nice and gritty and the suspense part of the story was believable and not over-played. Ericson did a good job with TOXIC and I hope to read more from the author.

Recommendations: For adults only. Hot sex scenes are included, this is for fans of romantic suspense and contemporary romance.

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