Plugins To Maximize the WordPress Visual Editor

If you are using WordPress, most of your time is probably working within the post editor. Shouldn’t you know how to master everything within the WordPress Visual Editor? If you become a master you can get the most out of every single post and in a quick and efficient way.  First, I would like to suggest some plugins. I recommend two plugins that enhance your Visual Editor:

The TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

Maximize your visual editor

This handy plugin adds a ton of new features into your visual editor and it has a drag and drop settings panel that allows you to pick and choose what you want to add. I use this one to quickly add style to my fonts, format text and add tables.

TInyMCE Advanced WordPress Visual Editor

The Simple Breaks Plugin

Simple Breaks Plugin

The second plugin I recommend is the Simple Breaks plugin. This one cures the weird spacing that sometimes happens within  posts. Quickly add a ClearLeft, ClearRight or ClearBoth (if you are having floating issues) or insert a horizontal rule. It inserts a shortcode into your post so you don’t have to worry about inserting HTML. You can also specify spacing size with a quick shortcode.

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Getting to Know the WordPress Visual Editor

Screen Options

You don’t have to SHOW everything in a 2 column layout, which is the default layout in WordPress. Look at your top right area of your screen and click on Screen Options. It will drop down and reveal a bunch of check marks. Check what you want to see and leave blank what you don’t!

Mastering the Visual Editor


The Kitchen Sink Button

Clicking the kitchen sink button reveals even more options in your Visual Editor. The default mode will be one line, clicking the button will reveal another line.

Mastering the Visual Editor

Distraction Free Writing

Don’t want all that stuff around you, mucking up your writing and causing you to scroll and mouse over? Go into distraction free writing area and get your writing groove going.

Distraction Free Writing

WordPress Shortcuts

There are some great keyboard shortcuts that you are probably clueless about, I know I was…and then I clicked the little question mark. Viola. Command 2 is Header 2, simple easy way instead of going up top and using the dropdown – why didn’t I use this before?

Wordpress Shortcuts

Text is Really HTML

The Visual Area  is what we in the HTML business call WYSWYG – what you see is what you get – wizzy wig. Basically the Visual area translates your input into HTML – but if that isn’t working out for you – if what you see, isn’t what you are getting – you can go into the HTML area and tweak. Don’t be scared. It isn’t that intense.

HTML Visual Editor

 Editing is Easy

You can check spelling and grammar within the Visual Editor. It is a very handy trick, you just have to activate the button.

Wordpress Visual Editor

Special Characters

Insert fun characters in your blog post with just a click. ♥ Click on the icon that looks like the Ω symbol. A list of special characters will pop up. Have fun! ♣

Wordpress Visual Editor

Remove Formatting

Copied and pasted from Word or another program that brought along code? Text showing up pink – when it should be the default color. Scrub it with the little eraser button.

Visual Editor in WordPress

Paste it Clean

Speaking of Word – it tends to add extra code and divs when you copy direct from it. When you are just trying to get the text along – Paste as Text.

Visual Editor

That covers the Visual Editor – you got this! Go mater it!

Questions for my Readers:

Do you normally type directly in your visual editor, or do you use a blogging software or word processor software?

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