PJV Quickie: Hello zombie goodness! UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD threw me with the Christmas looking cover but then blew me away with the emotional aspect and survivor’s story that had me reeling. UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD is a PJV Must Read, go on…go get it.

Review: There are a few types of zombie novels. Reading within the genre can introduce you to many facets of the “zombie experience” but in my experience, there are two main types: Horror, the action-packed, let’s kill us some zombies, gore infusion that has you cringing and sleeping with the lights on and, Post-Apocalypse, the focus falling on the survivors who just happen to be in a Zombie Apocalypse instead of a different type of apocalypse. UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD was a post-apocalypse type of novel. The focus was on the survivors, their escape from New York City and their subsequent stabilizing routine as they got to a safe-zone. It had it’s action moments, but it also had it’s emotionally driven points, that weren’t force in-between the carnage for the sake of “having a moment.”

I truly enjoyed UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD by Sarah Lyons Fleming. I enjoyed reading about her characters and their struggle for survival. Even the characters that I didn’t like at first as the novel progressed I really did like them and saw things from their perspective. It was more angst than I had expected in this adult zombie novel, but it worked for me. The main character, Cassie and her group of friends are a memorable group and I certainly will be reading on in the series.

Narration: Julia Whelan is a gem of a narrator. If her name is listed, I’m game. She narrates most of Nora Roberts titles, along with the currently popular GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. Her voice is perfect for a female POV and her male voices are believable with great transitions and inflections.  I believe she has over 100 titles that she’s narrated and it is obvious she is a well-rounded narrator.

Recommendations: Zombie fans and apocalypse fans should enjoy. This is also a good transition story for those wanting to get in the zombie genre, without getting their feet to bloody. This is an adult novel, but there wasn’t anything that stood out to me as “too much” or for adults-only. If you are a fan of Rhiannon Frater, this is a more tamer version of her series.

Zombie Fan? Fan of Books with emotionally driven plot? This is the book for you.

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