PJV Quickie: I have to admit, I wasn’t as blown away with book number two in the Cornerstone Run Trilogy as I was with Black Run, the first book, but it was an impressive follow-up. Gray Bishop ran into the same issues most Middle Children of an supremely action-packed  series fall prey too…a lot of filler, self-loathing and PTSD from the main characters, which makes for hard reading for readers that are waiting for the romance, yet if you live for action and angst it makes for a great read. I am a huge fan of this series and have to say – you can’t not read this one!

Review: The Cornerstone Run is still under attack by the deranged triplets. Brynn and Rook take a back seat in this book and the focus falls on Bishop McQueen and Jillian Reynolds. There is also a lot of side plotting that focuses on Knight and Shay, specifically Knight’s trauma after his abuse by Veronica, one of the deranged triplets. The whole book focuses on the Run bracing for more attacks, protecting Knight and acclimating the refugees into Cornerstone with as little bloodshed as possible. While there was a ton of action and intrigue, they also had a smidge of romance between Bishop and Jillian along with a tidbit from Knight and Shay. Bishop and Jillian’s romance was a bit of an insane ride, full of angry, regretful sex, stress relieving stress and then finally Your Mine type of sex. It was kind of crazy and at times Bishop was a bit of a douche, but it fit.

Meade progressed the plot nicely and left me hanging with the ending bits, in a nail-biting cliffhanger. Cementing this as a must read series and a I’m dying to read the next one emotion generator. Please don’t let the bad covers on this series turn you away – BTW – what is that about? They really had to use the MOST used stock photography model ever...on the cover? Nevermind. Check out the series. From the beginning.

Recommendations: Start at the beginning with BLACK ROOK. You’ll enjoy it, especially if you like Urban fantasy type Paranormal Romances – that kind of cross the lines. Think Patricia Briggs meets Kresley Cole. Yum!