There are many many ways to figure out if you are a book junkee, here are ten of them for easy self-diagnosis.

1. You Rejoice When The Rain Comes


2. When you imagine your Dream House – you picture the library first.


3. Vacationing is more complicated, as far as packing all your books…

You are a book addict

4. Fictional Boys are sooo much better than real boys.

David Gandy As Jerricho Barrons

5. The ending of a book can change your entire world…


6. Book Sniffing is a guilty pleasure.



7.Β  If your house is burning, you go for your favorite books first…

8. Your outdoor activity is reading a book …outside

book addict

9. You wish they would invent waterproof paper, just so you could read your book in the shower

waterproof books

10. Your Favorite Princess is Belle…