PJV Quickie: LAILAH by Nikki Kelly might have been a Wattpad sensation, but it wasn’t sensational for me, the novel was amateurish and was in need of editing, which is something that you would expect on Wattpad and not from a published novel. I was confused with this novel, because it does state that it was edited – but I did read the NetGalley version – did I maybe get the unedited version? If so – well then I guess most of my problems, hopefully went away – but if not – what happened there??  LAILAH was choked full of meandering plots, silly unnecessary scenes and boorish dialogue that just left me unimpressed. It probably would have been different if I would have read it on Wattpad, because you kind of expect that…but since this was coming from a big Top 10 pub, it left me shaking my head.

Review: The synopsis claims:

Almost 2 million Wattpad readers have followed Lailah. Now it’s fully edited, with a new ending!

Marketing words to get those 2 million Wattpad readers to buy the book. Boo! Because, like I mentioned earlier – I didn’t catch the editing. Mainly in the form of scenes that should have been cut or redone.  The lack of editing was also apparent because the novel read like a Young Adult novel but clearly had Adult characters and situations, which I didn’t get – is this New Adult, is it YA or is an Adult novel? Why am I confused? Well because the story wasn’t good enough to cloud my mind to those murky age brackets. Why would a girl who is a bartender, who has a love interest that is an immortal angel and an undead 400 year old vampire be classified a young adult novel? Don’t get it. Then there were the plot holes, the cryptic statements by the ancient love interest, the secrets for secrets sake and then the issue that this was just a typical YA Paranormal novel with “adult” characters to give them more wiggle room. Typical. Like it followed a script.

I was also quite disappointed because even though the synopsis said vampires – I was hoping for zombies in there somewhere – look at the cover! It clearly looks like zombies!



As always, I hate to completely thumbs down a book, but unfortunately this isn’t one that I would recommend. I did like Lailah as a character and thought she had great potential and the novel did start to get much better after the half-way mark, I just wasn’t invested enough by that time to appreciate the twists and turns. Again, I think this one would have benefited with a good spring cleaning in the first 100 pages.

Other bloggers have loved all over this title though, so I seem to be in the minority. Check out ReadingYa.Rocks review for an alternative look.