PJV Quickie: Already an established fan of Josephine Angelini, I didn’t think I would have any issues with her new series, TRIAL BY FIRE, I just didn’t expect it to be so different, so dark…the synopsis of this one does it no justice. TRAIL BY FIRE is a richly constructed and well-crafted Young Adult Fantasy novel that I was pulled into from the first sentence and wasn’t let go until the last and yet still I keep thinking about the novel, weeks after finishing it.

Review: Angelini tackles the idea of the multi-verse and makes us question our own beliefs, in the first from her new series, TRIAL BY FIRE. The first novel introduces us to a very unique young lady, Lily Proctor. Lily is allergic to everything, her life is literally hanging on a thread, she is only managing to go outside of her house with the use of tons of medications and restricting what she wears, eats and even touches. Nothing ever goes her way, until one day, her long-term crush finally makes a move and Lily thinks, this is it…but it’s not. Thrown into despair, Lily gives herself over to this little voice in her head that is whispering about a better life a better world and Lily says, “yes.”

Nothing will be the same for Lily again. Brought to a more primitive and dangerous world, her counterpart, Lillian is a cruel and merciless ruler that has some weird agenda for Lily and believes that Lily can help “save her world.” She came to this conclusion because Lily had been outspoken in her opposition of certain things, like not eating meat and opposing nuclear energy by wearing t-shirts. The underlying message behind these novels seemed to be showcasing a form of fanaticism and the lengths a person might go if they believe something to be wrong. Angeline did a great job! This book seems to be loved and hated – and frankly I think that is the mark of a great book. I loved it. I thought Lily’s character, whom, didn’t go over that well with me, her stubborn stance on different issues that would put other people’s lives in danger, was quite infuriating. But, the fact that you could admire her stubbornness but then see the ignorance in her stance, shows that this character will have to go through a bit of a transition by the end of the trilogy which is always a plus for me. Love character transitions.

Overall, great book – can’t wait to read more. Angelini hit another home-run.

Narration: Emma Galvin is a favorite of mine, she has a good voice that translates well to a YA female narrative. She has done series like DIVERGENT and ARCANA CHRONICLES – which are both MUST LISTEN books. You can’t go wrong with Galvin.

Recommendations: This one is nothing like STARCROSSED, but if you loved her other series, you’ll enjoy TRIAL BY FIRE. If you love Young Adult Fantasy, also another plus, give this one a try. It has romance, heart-break, violence and evil witches! PG-13 rating. Enjoy!