PJV Quickie: A scifi retelling of a fairy tale might not be the most original idea in the Young Adult world, but STITCHING SNOW took a “gently used” idea and made it come alive. I was hooked from the beginning and fell in love with both Essie and Dane and desperately wished that they would get their Happily-Ever-After!

Review: This book was a surprise, usually with books of this nature you get a sugary sweet, “ohmigawd, when will they kiss” type of romance novel, with a touch of scifi thrown in to the mix to cement the genre. Not so with STITCHING SNOW. R.C. Lewis delivered a highly visualized science fiction world, she even created new terminology, showcasing her creativity and the depth of the world she created and stitched in a bit of romance to keep us angsty teen lovers – happy. Her characters also did not suffer from her focus on world-building, which sometimes happens when authors deliver a highly detailed world. The characters stood out in great contrast to the world and then brought me, the reader, back again and again in an emotional roller-coaster with their plight. While experiencing their story, I was also, still  aware of the great big world that they inhabited. Lewis also brought in political themes and nefarious villains, along with very mature social issues which increased the intensity factor for me. It was just a great all around book.

I was hooked from the beginning and I can’t wait to read more from R.C. Lewis. Why the 4 stars, you ask? The originality…if the story behind this novel was a little more original, I would have given it 5 stars. I think the author could have pushed aside the Snow White theme and made this novel just a Young Adult SciFi and have made it perfect. But, I understand the marketing value of a fun retelling.

Recommendations: There are a lot of very mature themes in this book, so I’m putting a PG-13 rating on this novel. The topics are not discussed in detail, but they are a little mature for some readers. If you enjoy Marissa Meyer’s CINDER, you should really like STITCHING SNOW. It’s the same type of novel – but nothing like it.