PJV Quickie: Larissa Ione hits another home run of paranormal romance awesome, with her latest edition to the The Moonbound Clan Vampires series, CHAINED BY NIGHT. Full of sexy vampires, angsty romance and territorial alphas, I can’t get enough of this new series and list it as a Must Read for paranormal romance fans.

Review: The world Ione created is one in which a dystopian future has enslaved the vampire race and uses them as servants and lab rats. A group of vampires, with Native American heritage are free vampires, but their warlike personalities and deep rooted traditions keep them from rising up against the humans to show off their real strength. The novel focuses on Clan Leader, Hunter and his agreement to marry a rival clans daughter, one nasty example of a female. The promised mate brings her twin as a companion, a crippled version of herself and considered bad luck within the more conservative clans. Hunter does not see her as unlucky though, in fact, he is quite attracted to his mates twin.. uh oh. This is one of the PNR where you can’t think yourself out of a happy ending. I really felt that Hunter and Ailyn had no hope, that Hunter would end up with Rasha – HEA be damned! It was a traumatic experience. And Ione pulled no punches as she delivered a great story, with a perfectly crafted plot that had me screaming at the end for more!

More more more more more!

A must read. A highly recommended must read.

Recommendations: Paranormal Romance fans, read the first in the series, it gives you a bit of insight into Hunter that is needed in this book. R rating.