Dishing Junk: The act of dispensing information in a silly or frivolous manner.

The joys of living in a democratic nation are many. The land of the free and home of the brave. Where justice prevails and those that are wronged have the right to stand up before a judge and jury and ask for recompense. Usually, with a few zeros attached to the end of them. A large law suit, with you as the victor can mean big bucks, maybe even enough cash in your pocket to retire to a not so democratic country that has a lot of beaches. And what better target, then a book blogger, who is just rolling in the dough? Getting paid all types of money, because he or she, blogs about books – which of course – translates to big revenue. If you do find yourself able to target a book blogger in a “guaranteed to win” law suit, might I suggest a few reasons to file suit?

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured by a Book Blogger? Sue!

Granted, I’m not a lawyer, I’ve only played one on tv, but what could go wrong if you follow my directives?

Medline-Large-Wheel-Rollator-Walker-P118771471. Book Blogger Negligence

Say a book blogger recommended a title to you and you went out that day and bought the book. While reading the book you were so caught up in the pages that you forgot that you were driving and ran into a light pole. You injured your right femur and are now walk with a limp. Of course, this is the book blogger’s fault. They told you it was a Must Read! I do believe you’ll have a win here.

2. Joblessness

Is your favorite book blogger recommending way to many books? Maybe their book barrage is keeping you from actively searching for a job – you have too many books to read! Or maybe your intense reading because of “book recommendations” got you fired. Blame the book blogger and claim your loss of salary.

3. Emotional Suffering

Are you the Paranormal Junkie? Are you sick of being mistaken for the Para Junkee? Is being constantly reminded of similarities as a book blogger causing you stress and trauma? This isn’t a trademark issue, your names are different. You wish people will just get it right – but they don’t. This can’t be avoided, thus the emotional suffering. Sue.

4. Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

Were you recommend a really bad book? You can’t get your money back from the book store – so go after the book blogger that pointed you in that bad books direction, you are out like $10, you can sue them for  thousands. Time is money and you wasted a lot of time on that book.

5. Psychological Ego Strain

Got a bad review from a book blogger, why not sue them? Their review caused you psychological distress? You are a complete mess since that bad review. Have you begun drinking heavily? Are you now doing drugs because of the pain that review caused you? People don’t understand what mental trauma can do to a person. You have rights!

Sue a Book Blogger

Dramatization. Not an actual client.


6. Pain and Suffering

Have you read something really terrible on a book blog lately? Did it cause you pain and suffering? Maybe what you read caused you to have severe gastrointestinal reactions, vomiting, diarrhea? It happens, especially when your blood pressure goes up after seeing a Honey-Boo-Book animated gif. You can claim these injuries and point blame where blame is due!

7. Unlawful Parenting

Does your teen like book blogs? Have you caught them participating in questionable activities? Maybe they read a romance novel, recommended by a book blogger and then decided to give oral sex a try. Holy Mackerel! Again we know who to blame for this one! The book blogger!

Let Justice Be Served – Call Junkee Law Associates Today!

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injury, or emotional trauma, psychological damage, irreparable nerve reparations, lack of sex drive, low-T, brain palpitations or a burning itch which is the result of reading a book blog, please contact the Junkee Law Associates at 1-800-Bad-Blog to get in touch with a law professional who can help. Let Justice Be Served! We’ll fight for you against these book bloggers!