Book BLogger Organizer2015 Book Blogger Organizer & Blogger Resources Added to the PJV Shop

I have been working like crazy to get two new items out to you guys! And here they are – as requested by one or two people. The 2014 Book Blogger Organizer was downloaded over 1,000 times – and has helped Book Bloggers everywhere get organized! The 2015 Book Blogger Organizer is packed full of even more organizer goodness, the package includes spreadsheets – so you can get organized digitally.

Check it out here!

Book Blogger Icons – Flat UI

The Book Blogger Icons have been given a fresh and trendy look. They’ve gone Flat! The Flat UI style is currently the trendiest design currently in use, I mean this design style makes Argyle look prehistoric….

Check out the new icons here – and if you download, you’ll receive a 50% Coupon Code for the Book Blogger Organizer!



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