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A Note From Parajunkee:

Tanya does such a wonderful job putting this Book Community Links & Blogger Tips together, I can’t imagine how much time it takes her to do this. Wonderful job, she deserves a round of applause! But, every now and again, a controversial bit of news surfaces – and I have to inform everyone and drop in my two cents. And this one takes the cake. I would like to inform everyone that Parajunkee’s View will be boycotting Ellora’s Cave, the publisher of romantic eBooks.

Boycott Ellora's Cave

This is a tough decision, because the authors of EC have done nothing wrong, it was the actions of the publisher that led to this decision and ultimately this will affect the authors. Parajunkee’s View makes the offer to EC authors that if you have books published independently or with other publishers, we will happily review those titles. This decision was made following the lawsuit filed by Ellora’s Cave against Jane Litte of Dear Author, following her very interesting blog post, The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave. The PJV is of course, supporting Jane – and all bloggers should take note of her situation – because Jane is a  Blogger and she is being sued over a blog post she wrote. The entire situation is both scary and sad, please take the time to read some great posts on the situation and make your own decision:

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