1. Google Docs & Calendar

A great way to share content or access content from any computer. Google Docs is an awesome tool for any busy blogger. Use it for spreadsheets, word documents and much more. Google Calendar is also a great tool for all-around access, you can even sync it with your apps and programs. I have Google Calendar synced up to my iCal and editorial programs.

2. Google Analytics

Google again! In fact Google offers so many free tools for bloggers that I could probably just do a post called “Free Google Tools for Bloggers” – but Google Analytics is also another great tool for Bloggers. Easy to install, it measures your traffic, even in real-time. Google Analytics is also one of the most reliable traffic measuring tools on the market.

3. Evernote

A free software that let’s you capture, write and record a ton of fun stuff. It is ag rest way to get organized and can also be synced over a few devices.

4. Dropbox

The best way to back up your data, off-site. It is also a wonderful way to share information with other bloggers, it makes it easy to just grab a link and share it, without sending via email, where attachments can get flagged or kicked back

5. Tweetdeck

Schedule tweets, organize your lists, show your mentions, DMs and timeline in side-by-side views that make conquering your twitter feed easy. I love Tweetdeck and use it everyday.

6. plagium.com

Check for plagiarism, monitor the Guest Posts that are going live on your blog – make sure that your content remains your content with a quick search or a really deep search.

7. Pocket

Ever see a great blog post that you want to “save for later” put it in your pocket! I love this app and you can add it right in your toolbar via Firefox or Chrome and with a quick button push, that url is in your pocket, you can even tag it, with search features for later.

8. photopin.com

Stock photos are a must for bloggers, you want to make your posts visually stimulating, but stock photos can also be very very expensive. Check out Photo Pin – where you can search creative commons images and see fancy little previews when you scroll over them. Nice, right?

9. gtmetrix.com

Interested in how bad your site takes to load? Don’t be scared, well okay – be scared. I hope it doesn’t suck as bad as mine – I got a big Fat D. But, at least you can see where you can make the changes.

10. WordPress

While the hosting might not be free, WordPress is a free download that you install on your server. It is by far the best blogging platform to use, in my estimation. If you find a very affordable host, you can have a mega-blogging tool that you can tailor just for your blog.