PJV Quickie: THE INFINITE SEA continues the story that Rick Yancey began in THE 5TH WAVE and there is one thing I can say with certainty…the book does not lack in the action department. THE INFINITE SEA keeps you on your toes from page 1 to page 480. There is no stopping the intensity. It was quite a ride and now, as per the usual 2nd in series routine, I’m frothing at the mouth for book #3, still untitled.

Review: The story begins with the escapees from the camp, Cassie, Ben, Ringer, Dumbo, Pound Cake and the two babies, (these are the main ones anyway, if I missed a few I’m sorry) dug in via a very disgusting hotel and waiting for the “next step.”¬† The teens have little idea of what to do. There is fighting between them as the newest member of the team, Cassie or Sullivan is introduced and being a lone wolf for most of the first book, is not used to the kids military regiment. Cassie is a hot mess, missing Evan, not wanting to miss Evan and her perspective is humorous at times (not intentionally – just that humorous in the way that – it’s the end of the world and this is what is going through your head?). But, Yancey saves the series by abandoning Cassie’s perspective and hopping heads from Evan to Ringer and back and forth. And first it was all sorts of confusing, as we are within Ringer’s POV and I had assumed it was Cassie’s. I don’t know if this is an audiobook slight – or if the chapters were tilted in the book – but i was all sorts of confused. It was obvious when the boys took over – the narrator switched. Enjoyed me some¬† Ben Yannette btw. But, for the girl shifts, they could have at least said “Ringer” at the top of the chapter.

As far as the different perspectives. I actually really enjoyed the different POVs. Ringer and Pound Cake were actually my favorites, which turned out to be the most heart-breaking of perspectives. Those two went through some of the worst paths. You are given a background look into how they got to the current timeline and it was an emotional ride. I did find though that book was definitely a middle, very little threads were revealed, even though there was a BIG tidbit that was revealed at the end. Which of course will change the whole game in the third book. I still haven’t figured out WHY – but I’m assuming that will be a big reveal in Book 3. These darn aliens!

Narration was top notch. I am now a fan of Phoebe Strole and the change in narrators from Brandon Espinoza to Ben Yannette was not a big deal for me. This looks like it’s one of Yanette’s first audiobooks, I think he did a good job. Not blown away, but he was very good.

Recommendations: You must read the first book THE 5TH WAVE, there is no getting passed that one. Fans of Apocalypse craziness – this series is a MUST READ!!!! There are some mature themes, I’m giving this a PG-13 rating, with a bit of urging to parents, you might want to read this one first and judge for yourself. Plus it’s a great book, so enjoy it.