New Shows for the Fall 2014 Season in order of assumed awesome

There are a ton of new shows that will be gracing the small screen for this 2014 Fall Season, unfortunately, most of them have that “been there done that” feeling. Only a few of them look like they will be real winners, but who am I to judge? Half the time my favorite shows of all time peter out after 1 or 2 seasons. (Still heart broken over Firefly and Dark Angel) Topping the list for this fall season seem to be Super Hero shows, which isn’t that big of a deviation from the last couple of seasons. So, joining the great shows like Smallville, The Agents of SHIELD and Arrow is now a new member of the Justice League and a new origin story based in the Batman world.

Dark dramas seem to be at the top of my list this year, because joining the super heroes is another form of hero, terminal kids, in a Glee meets ER type of show – and finally a medical drama that I’m actually looking forward to. Besides that, there’s a new NCIS that I’m only looking forward to because it’s New Orleans based, being my my home territory and then there is yet another super hero drama – that might work, based off of Hellblazer a DC comic. Who knows, there might be a surprise in this line-up, but frankly I’m not betting on anything. Most of it just seems like rehashed “quirky girl lawyer” type shows and “hurry up, let’s find something to replace How I Met Your Mother.”

The Flash – Don’t Let His Crappy “Super Suit” Fool You – Hopefully this is a Win, because it’s my top choice for most anticipated new show of the season.

The next superhero to grace the CW is the infamous Flash. One of my favorite comic book boys, next to Green Arrow of course. Which, now both of them are gracing the small screen – now I’ll just hold my breath for Wonder Woman…. that would rock my face. As I sit here in my Wonder Woman tee. Not lying.

Set Your DVRS: Tuesday | Oct 7 | 8/7c |  CW

Gotham – The New Sorta-Batman TV Series

Gotham New Show for Fall 2014

The show is created by Bruno Heller, the mind behind THE MENTALIST and ROME, both are shows that I enjoyed. So, I’m hoping GOTHAM does justice to it’s “inspired by.” Gotham is an origin story that focuses on Commissioner Gordon – instead of the usual Wayne based focus. This will give the show the cop show vibe, with the super hero backbone. Interesting. It’s like The Agents of SHIELD in a darker fashion. I just hope it’s not a cheap knock-off.

Set Your DVRS: Mondays | Premier Sept. 22 8/7c | FOX

Red Band Society – SickLit + Dark Comedy Looks like a Win

New TV Shows This Fall

The previews have hinted at romance, comedy, happy and sad moments. It just looks like a series with a whole lot of feels, where they will probably kill off a good bit of the actors, which will make for ridiculous trauma as a viewer, but hopefully in the end it will make me appreciate life and all that Hallmark kind of stuff.

Set Your DVRS: Friday | Sept 17 | 9/8c | FOX

Constantine – Supernatural without the hotties?

I believe that about sums it up, while it looks like it has potential, many NBC supernatural shows have looked like they have potential, but then get squished and pulled in the wrong direction – they don’t let them go crazy with it. NBC just loves their political dramas and left of center comedies. Constatine joins Grimm as their only paranormal type of show for this season – and I do still need to watch Grimm, I think I only watched 1 or 2 episodes.

Set Your DVRS: Friday | Oct 24 | 10/9c | NBC

Z Nation

The guys from Eureka (win!) try to compete with THE WALKING DEAD in a zombie show. Sounds like a plan.  While I don’t think this one can even compete with THE WALKING DEAD, their budget looks really small and even with a few seasoned actors on their cast – it might be – well a typical SyFy production. Think Sharknado with zombies. I’m still looking forward to it. Team Zombies! But, don’t even get me started on the zombie baby in the first episode. Hate zombie babies.

This one has already premiered. Watch the first episode on right now.

Set Your DVRS: Friday | Sept 12 | 10/9c | Syfy

NCIS: New Orleans –  Only because it is in New Orleans and it stars Scott Bakula – I wonder if he will wear a dress?

NCIS New Orleans

Yes, they did pepper the “first look” with silly colloquialisms and bad accents – but I’ll try and watch it. I know this city is sometimes a ridiculous parody – but it only translates well when it’s real. Here is hoping.

Set Your DVRS: Tuesday | Sept 23 | 9/8c | CBS

And Finally — because I love Viola Davis and Anything She Does – How To Get Away With Murder

Another lawyer drama, with a SCANDAL type flare, it has the strong black female lead, with a bit of “toe the line” type of legalities. I really enjoyed Scandal and shows like Revenge – so let’s see if ABC can do it again with How To Get Away With Murder. It also follows Scandal on Thurs to make it a much watch night.

Set Your DVRS: Thurs | Sept 25 | 10/9c | ABC

Enjoy! And don’t forget to Set Your DVRs. What Shows are topping your list?