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Barnes and Noble is testing espresso book machines where customers will be able to make a physical print book of a hard-to-find book, a public domain title or self publish a book.

Ursula K. LeGuin to receive lifetime achievement award at the National Book Awards and deservedly so.

New York Times Book Review Revamps Best Sellers Lists, adding 12 new lists.

The Man Booker Prize shortlist announced and for the first time, Americans were allowed to enter, and 2 Americans made the shortlist.

The 2014 British Fantasy Awards Winners have been announced. One of the winners I couldn’t finish and the other one I loved.

There’s an app that will help you find diverse (children’s and YA) book recommendations – so now, you REALLY have no excuse!

World’s richest authors list joined by Veronica Roth, Gillian Flynn and John Green … ‘enuff said.

Have you read any of the 15 Books That You Should Be Fangirling about Now?

Have you ever had dreams about books? I can’t say that I have .. but I do think about my favorite characters from time to time.

How Faithful Should an Adaptation Be? True Blood vs. Game of Thrones takes a look at both adaptations.

If There Was A Book About You, What Would The Title Be? I honestly have no idea … something with warrior princess in it?!

What are some of your favorite reading beverages?

Lots of people feel that awesome books temporarily ruin other books, and find it hard to move on. Not me. They just leave me excited to read more. What about you?

A Venn Diagram of Fantasy Sub-Genre Classifications … interesting.


What Class Will You Be Taking at Hogwarts this Fall? Take this quiz to find out.

Apparently I’m a fickle mistress. E-Books vs. Paper! is so true for me too. DO you read on both mediums – do you prefer one to the other?

I love this list of 2014 Book Recs based on 2013 Favorites. What books would be on your list?

It’s approaching Autumn, what are you reading? And here are 25 Must Read Books for the Fall plus 20 ‘Fall’ Reads For Fall.

Is it too early to be talking about 2015 releases? Nope!!!

If you’re buying presents for your bookish friends, then this list of 16 Gifts Under $26 to give to book lover friends is a good place to get some ideas.

10 Things That Happen When You Can’t Put Down a Good Book is so true! I totally lose track of time when I’m in a good book … and I don’t want to do anything.

What books would make your list of Four Books That Changed How I View the World?

75+ of Your Favorite Novels Featuring Witchcraft is THE list if you want some Halloween themed reading.

Do you pre-order books regularly? I confess that I have never done this! I can go to Barnes & Noble and buy the book on the day it’s released if I’m so inclined.

You have got to check out the ideas in a Hunger Games-inspired wedding. So cool.

I had to save this list of 10 must-read tales of survival. What books would make your list?

Here are 10 Awesome book Set in Boarding Schools. This is one of my favorite settings in books.

The Big Male YA Narrator Round-up is a wonderful place to start if you always read book from the opposite perspective.

Something different – 21 YA Circular Covers.

What books would make your list of 5 Kids’ and YA Books that Transcend the Age Label?

Would you have any more books to add to 10 Books About Book Lovers?

If you’re interested in Parallel Universes, start here.

Have you read any of the books on the list of 7 Excellent YA Sci-Fi Romance Series?

When Everyone Loves a Book but You, how do you feel? Do you wonder if you’re crazy – out of touch with reality – or maybe they’re nuts!

An interesting backlist to check out includes the books in I Fought the Law and I Won: Taking a Stand in YA Lit

Banned Books Week starts September 21st? Here’s Adi Alsaid’s Must-Read Banned Books. What’s on your list.

Travel the World in Books took us to Australia and The South Pacific recently. This has been one of my favorite blog series this month.

And from my blog this week – My Reading World {Mapping It} plus Reading Books Set In {Sweden} and #WeekendReading and A Cocktail {Moscow Mule}


Upcoming Blog Events

RIP IX is under way. This is a seriously awesome blog event that runs from September 1st to October 31st.

Horror October – The Fortnight Edition is coming October 18th – 31st.

The 2014 Murder, Monsters & Mayhem (Mx3)! is October 1st – 31st.

Bloggiesta is September 18 to 21, 2014, so get ready to join hundreds of other people working on their blogs that weekend.

The Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon is Nov. 6-11, and requires you to read at least 4 holiday-themed books.

Sci-Fi Month is Coming (November)! Are You Ready? Link up to all your sci-fi love posts :-)

Blogging Tips

Bookish Blogging Tips


Lessons Learned From the Blogging World shares 5 easy “truths” that can help anyone with blogging.

And there’s more in Book Blogger Confessions | Ten Things I Wish I Knew in the Beginning . Ain’t it the truth that book blogging takes up quite a bit of time – like a full time gig?!

Book Bloggers: 100+ Links to Everything You Need to Know has a ton of useful information. Bookmark it and start reading.

I use my smartphone camera to take most of the pictures for my blog. Here are a few image processing apps for your phone and

Here are 10 ways to alienate your readers on social media. Read and make sure you’re not guilty.

These 10 post ideas that will draw traffic to your book blog is enough to get you started thinking about different types of posts that you can write on your blog.

It’s always interesting to see other people’s blogging method. Here’s a look at Get Organized with Trello and I use Use Evernote As A Blogging Calendar {Blogging Tools I Heart}.

My Blog Schedule for Between My Lines also talks about scheduling blogging activities.

This Tech Meets Books//A Great and Terrible Beauty Wallpaper is pretty “hopeful.”

Giveaway Tools and making giveaways work for you has some useful tips

This was just too awesome not to share – Humorous Collection of Uninspiring Quote Posters.

Have you ever thought about What Makes your Blog Different From Others In Your Niche? It could be the topics you write about, it could be “how” you write.

Where would you be if you listened to … them? Totally inspirational.

5 Quick Ways to Express Gratitude as a Blogger hits the nail on the head!

The 5 Step Voyage of Creating Awesome Content starts here!

I Really Wish That Bloggers Linked Images Consistently {Discussion} is an interesting look at what to do with images. Personally, I don’t do any of the things in this article – and won’t. My images aren’t links to anything. Any links to outside websites will always be text links.