If you are anything like me you are always striving for the “next great post.” I realized long ago that my reviews don’t pull as much traffic as some of my other posts, which gives me all kinds of sad feels. I love doing reviews and they are the backbone of my blog, but frankly, people aren’t reading my reviews as much as they are reading everything else. My humor draws crowds, my snark brings them in with a vengeance, (elaborating here – if you think crowds are like 10 people)ย  but my honest opinion on random book titles. Not so much. They get traffic – just not nearly as much as my “How To Piss Off A Book Blogger” type posts.

But, how does one think up non-review type posts? That is what we do, right? We are book bloggers, we review books.ย  Not necessarily. You are only what you make yourself and your blog. It can literally be anything you want. But, if you want to stick with the “book blogger” theme – there are only so many crazy posts that one book blogger can churn out, right? So, here let me help. I know you want to try something new, but don’t know in what direction you want to head. Here are some ideas for great post ideas that “the people say” might draw a bit more traffic to your blog. Any of these ideas can easily be conformed to fit our niche blogging world.

10 Post Ideas to Draw Traffic

Ten Post Ideas That Will Draw Traffic to Your Book Blog

#1 Tutorials

These are the biggest draws, in my opinion. The Book Nerd in us still wants to learn! Posts like this one that you are reading are very popular. If you know how to do something, or recently picked up a skill that you think others will benefit from, share it! You can’t go wrong with a tutorial. It doesn’t have to be a weekly feature. Just drop some knowledge.

#2 Resource Dump

Interested in a particular topic? Research it and post the information on your blog. I do this a lot, especially if it is a particular painful endeavor, like switching from Blogger to WordPress. I did my research and then I offered up links on where I “learned” how to do it. I finally wrote my own tutorial on the subject – but before I was ready to make that commitment, I had no trouble offering up where I was gathering my information from. You can do this for anything you want. Where to find great eBook deals, who to contact for ARCs – you name it, if you had to search around to find out the information, chances are, others would love that information too!

#3 Lists

Lists are always a great way to change things up on your blog and they are easy to accomplish. Do a few different things, every now and again! Lists are what made memes Like “Top Ten Tuesday” so popular. Everyone loves lists! Cater it to book lovers – like Top Ten Book in ____ genre. Those are always great.

#4 Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets will attract a lot of attention to your blog, especially if it’s a good topic. Cheat Sheets are basically a PDF or other downloadable file that users can print out and use to complete a task. They are harder to put together, but the draw is WELL worth it.

#5 Rants

Let it out and let it go. Rants always attract a good bit of attention, especially if it is a heartfelt and logical rant. Well, ignorant rants gets a lot of attention too, but it is usually not positive attention. Don’t be afraid to let your opinion be heard, it will draw more attention the more controversial the subject. Just make sure, this is the kind of attention you want. If you take a side that has people opposed to it – you might get some blow back. Always be prepared for blow back.

#6 Challenge / Project Posts

Host a challenge or challenge your readers to do a certain task. Host a project and pepper it with fun to-dos and tasks. Join forces with other bloggers and make it a join effort. I know a few girls have started a “Book Blog Walkers” group – and they’ve challenged each other to get active. Projects like this can be fun and introduce you to other bloggers that you can form lasting friendships with.

#7 Event Post / Participation Post

Host an event, or join in on another bloggers meme or challenge. You’ll find that everyone that is participating will visit back and forth. Events are also great because you can ask for sponsors, host giveaways and draw a bigger crowd then usual because there is more hype around the event.

#8 Personal Stories

Share a personal story, humorous stories are always a great share, but maybe try an inspiration story or a challenge you went through. Sharing a personal story will humanize yourself to your readers and they can probably relate to a few things that you bring up, they also draw more commentors, since readers feel that since you shared they should reward that with a nice comment.

#9 Survey / Quiz

Survey your readers or have a quiz about a fun topic. Poll them and offer the information in a later post.

#10 Comedy

Try out satire, or give a bit of comedic interruption to you blog. It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top, maybe just share a funny picture. I love to post satirical posts – some don’t go over as well as I would like. Satire is often misunderstood – but when it does hit, it usually hits hard and makes a really good impression. If you don’t think you are up for the task, read around the blogoshere – see what others are doing that makes you laugh out loud. I bet you might surprise yourself if you give it a try. What could go wrong!?

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