PJV Quickie: THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF was gritty in the way that old school paranormal romance is gritty and sometimes eye-roll inducing silly. Full of alpha-male goodness and swooning heroines of the paranormal persuasion, even though at times the story became “silly” in the way of happenings and reactions, I did enjoy it.

Review: If you love old-school vampire paranormal romance, check out THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF. Jenna Kernan wrote a very competent PNR, that had the thrills, chills and sexiness that you expect in a straight-up Paranormal Romance {PNR}. You have the ultra-alpha werewolf, Marine, hoo-ah, Captain Travis MacConnelly and the sexy, but unassuming heroine, with her own supernatural gifts, Brianna Vittori. A female vampire, who is more like a succubus and her alluring good looks and naiveté attract the werewolf that has made it his cause to kill all vampires. Sexy Lust trumps Blood Lust any day!

Alpha has to protect his woman, crazy world of military, plus the supernatural unfolds and along the way a romance turns to Happily Ever After. I like what Jenna Kernan did, even though she didn’t really go outside the box on this PNR.

Recommendations: For fans of Paranormal Romance THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF should be your ticket, werewolves and vampires, oh my – enjoy it. It is in the typical vein of authors like Feehan and Kenyon, though not as big.