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Look who’s totally writing her Friday post! That’s right I’m meeting deadlines instead of listening to them as they “whoosh” past my head.

*does the cabbage patch*

Ok now that I over celebrated that moment, let’s talk remote access to our PCs on our iPads via Jump Desktop. As some of you know, I’m a teacher and I’m always looking for ways to streamline my process in the classroom.  I have a laptop that is usually hooked to the overhead, and I was tired of being anchored to the spot where it has to sit for this to work. I use my iPad a lot during the day to record attendance, etc.  So I was like “iPad, how can you help me more in this situation?” And my iPad was like “I run this. I totally can control that laptop”

So I went looking for remote desktop software. I’ve used Splashtop before, but I didn’t want to have to download the software required to use it onto my work laptop, nor did I want to have to pay a subscription in addition to the app fee (I don’t want to have to be on the same network to use the service). So I went looking around and I found this:


  Jump Desktop

You buy the app for whatever device you want to access your desktop with and that’s it. I scored with a Labor Day 50% off sale. The iPad app is usually $14.99.

What I really like about it is the ease of use. You use your Gmail account and your PC’s VNC to connect with your iPad. (If you are using it to connect to your work laptop, use VNC instead of RDP because RDP logs you off your laptop) Jump allows you to use your bluetooth keyboard as well which is awesome.

Now, I can wander around my classroom and control my laptop from wherever I want to be.  And by wander, I mean strategically stand next to students who need proximity. My laptop’s desktop shows up right there on my iPad. It’s glorious. I can put grades directly into my school gradebook as I go around and check my student’s work.

I can also connect with my laptop at home. (Won’t work if it’s hibernating/off) I’ve been waiting and waiting for Scrivener to come out on iPad to no avail. Now, I can just connect to my laptop and bam, I can work on my writing. This also means I can work on my PJV posts. What?! Yep. So excited.

So, do any of you use services to remote into your home computer? How do they work for you? Anyone else want the functionality of a laptop via the ease of carrying around an iPad?