In yesterday’s post, we discussed what pisses us off as bloggers. It’s easy to see the final result. The point at which someone is pulling out their hair in frustration because – some unknowing person stepped into a pile of social faux pas. Sometimes though, it’s not always apparent when the ball first begins to roll. Most of the real damage comes when other bloggers doing things intentionally, but a good majority of the time – it seems to be just from sheer stupidity. The person that coined the phrase, “ignorance is bliss” obviously didn’t foresee the invention of social media – so please, if you are blogger do not embrace this particular mantra. Ignorance is not bliss, in fact, ignorance can get you faced with being black listed from the blogging community before you can even say “burn my feed.”

Don’t Be Stupid. Stay informed about Blogger Social Etiquette.



Don’t just stand there with your gooey bits hanging out, if you have a question – ask! Don’t do something you are unsure about, simply so you can claim “I didn’t know.” If you are unsure about a particular topic or rights to do something, well then ask! Find an expert. Find a website. Find the person that you are probably going to piss off and ask them if it is okay if you do this or that. You want to do a meme that is inspired by another meme?? You think maybe your meme might cause the other person to get persnickety? Well then ask them. If they say that is a rude thing to do – well now you know. If you chose to continue you on your path, you know the result.


Blogger Etiquette


If something created by another blogger or artist inspired your post or graphic, or idea. Credit. Credit Credit. It doesn’t have to be some crazy list of citations. Just say at the end or at the beginning – this post inspired by – and then list your inspirations.



Respond to comments, respond to mentions. Speak when spoken to. Engage in a discussion in your comments. They left a comment for a reason, now get in there and say hello. You don’t have to do it on every post. I know for some posts, like giveaways – the only thing I could say would be “thanks for entering” so I don’t respond to those comments. But, for the important ones, review posts, discussion posts – you need to respond.




You know that rule. That GOLDEN RULE. Do unto others…yada yada. Well it applies to blogging. You need to apply that to your daily blogging regimen. If you doing something think “would I like someone to do that to me?” If you wouldn’t – well then – maybe reevaluate your stance on that particular topic. I understand fairness and honesty comes into play here also. If you are being fair and honest – but wouldn’t like that fairness and honesty if the shoe was snug on your foot – well then you have to figure out how best to do it. That is more focused on reviewing though.  And probably should be another discussion post. This is about fairness and rightness and basic etiquette. You wouldn’t want someone else stealing your content right? Or copying your idea? Or spamming your inbox? Talking about you on twitter? Bashing you in a blog post? So don’t do it to other people.



If you have this kick-ass giveaway that you think everyone will want to enter. If you think that OMG – it’s so awesome they won’t care if I send out a mass email telling them about it – cause OMG – they will want to enter it. STOP. They don’t care what you have in that email – because, guess what? They won’t even read it. They might see our name, see the subject, read the first line, get offended – delete it. Hopefully they won’t report you for spam. Your content is not the exception. You are still spam.



There are millions of blogs, thousands of book bloggers, hundreds of bloggers that blog in your niche (if you are lucky). You are not special. You do not stand out. You are just one of many. Nothing gives you any exception to the rules of blogging. You can not say – “Well I’m Parajunkee” so I can just do it this way and people will deal with it. Wrong. You know how people will deal with it? They won’t give two bits about what you have to say. Breaking the rules is a sure fire way to get yourself ostracized. You are not a special snowflake where people will ignore your behavior because it’s YOU. Sorry kid. If you want to feel special, go get a hug from someone who loves you. In the blogging world it takes a lot to get noticed and doing underhanded things – will not get you the right type of attention. Even if you think that you deserve the attention.

Parajunkee's View

If ya Mamma didn’t teach you social etiquette, I guess we are all screwed – but just in case you weren’t paying attention these rules apply in life and in blogging. It’s that pesky social contract that we all agree to as human beings. Be fair. Be honest. Treat others in the same way you would want them to treat ya Mamma.

  1. Engage in a courteous manner, if the other person is also being courteous
  2. If you make a commitment, keep it.
  3. If someone does you a kindness, give them a thank you
  4. If others are waiting, you must wait also
  5. Remember anything you put on the internet can come back and haunt you
  6. Excuse Me and I’m Sorry should be a part of your vocabular
  7. Respect others
  8. Be courteous
  9. Don’t be selfish
  10. Don’t be greedy
  11. Look up the word inconsiderate and ask yourself “Does this describe me?”
  12. Don’t steal
  13. Don’t be jealous
  14. Don’t judge
  15. Don’t assume

Do have fun! And don’t over think things. Most of you are kind, courteous people…and you don’t have to be told this. But sometimes life and work and things sometimes blind us to the people around us. I’m just as guilty.

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.