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Piss off a book blogger


There are so many ways to REALLY piss off a Book Blogger. We are an excitable lot. We tend to get offended when social rules are violated, but we also tend to be lenient when it comes to socially awkward exchanges.Β  Most of us go by the motto, “It doesn’t hurt to ask.” But, the moment a social rule is broken with flagrant disregard for the blogger, even if it was done in ignorance, we get on twitter – and let it all hang out. Here are the top ten ways that you can get moved to my “black list”….

1. Take without asking.

Theft. Copyright violation. Plagiarism. You are a thief. You are dishonest. You are a plagiarist. Just because you didn’t use a gun and point it at me, forcing me to hand over my possessions – doesn’t change much – you did it much sneakier – cause you did it in the guise of self-promotion and greed. You can’t use my content, putting your own spin on it. You can’t even take my stuff and put my name under it – without asking first. You can’t copy any of my text. You can’t grab any of my images. You know why? I paid for it. Or I created it. You see that stock photo up there? I paid for it – it’s not yours, it’s mine. If you want that stock photo – march your ass to Shutterstock and purchase it yourself and add the text in Photoshop, or whatever other pirated software you are using. Grabbing my graphics – and “adding your own flare” to it – is not considered similar “to taking a car to get painted” – NO it is considered copyright violation. You steal my stuff – I will be pissed off – and I’ll hold a grudge for a long time. Plus I’ll tell all my twitter buddies, maybe even do a post about it. Maybe when I see you at a blogging convention I’ll throw a really heavy ARC at your head. Okay, well maybe not, but I’ll be sure to glare at you… and then rejoice when your blog disappears. Poof. Karma is a bitch.

2. Email Newsletter Magic.

How did I get on your email newsletter, oh dear author? Oh new blog tour company? My guess, you added me to it without my permission. Because I know I didn’t sign up for it. You either purchased a list – or went around searching for book bloggers and just added me to it. I loathe this. I loathe this act so much that if you use something like MailChimp or Constant Contact I will report you as spam. And do you know what they do if you get too many spam reports? They shut your account down. There goes that email list that you put together. Boom.

3. Correct me in comments.

Did you just leave a comment telling me that I used its instead of it’s and I should work on that more? WTF is wrong with you? If I saw you on the street and walked up to you in front of your friends and told you – “Hey bra, stripes and plaid – yeah, not working.” How would that make you feel? But, if I pulled you to the side and whispered, “you might want to rethink your outfit.” Still a bit bitchy, but at least more tactful, right? Email me if you feel the need to correct my grammar. I know it can be terrible at times, I never claimed to be a great writer…just don’t call me out in comments. That really ticks me off. Every time someone has done this, I usually reply with a really mean retort. I can’t help it. It pisses me off.

4. ARC Misuse

piss off a book blogger, misuse of ARCs, ARC Theft, Selling ARCs on ebay

I put this as one topic – but it is just the general misuse of ARCs that really pisses me off. First and foremost, being the people that sell the ARCs on Ebay – that really gets my goat. Hate them. Secondly are the grubby little ARC grabbers at conventions. I saw this chick walk away with like 10 ARCs of this one book at BEA – she just walked away, buried under a stalk of the book I wanted. When I got there. They were gone. She had just swiped the entire pile. Die!!!! Finally, the last one on my list, the “deserved” ARC recipient. The one that is so deserving of that ARC – they want it so bad. They see you have it from your #bookhaul photo – so they email you and tell you that you must send it to them. “And they will be eternally grateful and supportive for the rest of their lives!!! OMG!” Bite. Me.

5. Argue My Opinion.

Everyone is entitled to my their opinion. I get this. But, don’t tell me I’m a nut because you don’t agree with my like or dislike of a book. Have you had this happen to you? Oh my, it is annoying. To get a comment on one of my reviews – arguing with me on WHY the book should be thought of as “This Way” is very very annoying. And really ruins my day. I’m not going to sit down at your table and tell you “why are you eating Meatballs. Gah! Meatballs are so nasty. What is wrong with you?” Why comment on my review in this manner?

6. Bad Mouth.

There was a trend and it might still be happening. But, just not to me – but there was a few bloggers that took it into their dumb little heads to email the authors and tell them – they shouldn’t be doing promotions with Parajunkee – they should be doing them with their little selves. Because Parajunkee smells funny and lies about her stats. (Exaggerated) But it did happen, and ruined my entire month. The author was a personal friend, so they forwarded the email. She also said, that even if she didn’t know me personally, she would have ignored the email – because it just sounded petty and immature. So there. But, it happens. There are a few bloggers that are very competitive. There are a few that are still operating to this day – that used similar tactics. Not so in your face – more subtle – it is why they are still around. And it worked for them. It really pisses me off. Especially when they target newbies that don’t know how to handle it. If you’ve experienced anything like this and don’t know how to handle it. Email me.

7. Show Me Your Ass.

Granted if you have an attractive ass, I wouldn’t mind seeing it- I guess. But, when you show me your metaphorical ass, via email or social media – then I kind of get pissed. Especially when I get accused of something. I don’t know how many times I have been emailed or tweeted something – because I FAILED at some responsibility or another that the blogger or author cooked up in their puny mind. Whether I wasn’t “policing / running / operating” my memes well enough, or the fact that when I mentioned their blog name in my tutorial – I didn’t link it to the proper page, or quote them in the proper way, including their graphic and or their promotional banner along with a donations button for their paypal account (don’t laugh – I’ve had this happen!). Or the fact that my review just wasn’t up to what they expected of me. Maybe I called the book satire and it was really Darwinian Social Commentary – a new form of dark humor to rock the modern era. Or my favorite, “as a seasoned blogger I should be doing XXX for start-up bloggers.” Yeah, hold your breath and wait for me to jump through hoops for you. You, that I have NO idea even existed until you emailed me. Then I looked up your blog – noted your url in a special list, in a excel spreadsheet called douchebags.xls

Book Blogger Fail, Piss off a book blogger

Β 8. Threats.

Ever have an author threaten you over a negative review – or not accepting a review? I have. It sucks. And it really pisses me off. What are you going to do? And then I think about it and it’s scary. With sites like STGRBs that hack systems to find out mailing addresses and phone numbers there is no end to the crazy. You almost want to give in to these lunatics.Β  Especially as you watch microcosms of internet groups go off the chain with trolling and real life situations. Heard of “Swatting?” Holy crap – could you imagine if this hit the blogging world? Hopefully we aren’t this idiotic. “I won’t post the negative review, I’ll just post promo copy instead.” Screw that. Stalk me, fine. Luckily I know a few police officers. (Looks over shoulder)

9. Pirate Bloggers.

Not the ones with eye patches – but the douchenozzles that blog about books and then post the link where you can download the pirated copy of the book from their servers. Because they are poor. Because they love to read, but just can’t pay these prices. GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like pirates in general, but the ones that are operating under the guise of a book blogger / book lover – and then offering up pirated copies. Girl, you ain’t poor – you are just angling for the pageviews. The word to describe you rhymes with poor though. Just saying.

10. The Bully Lie.

You are stating your opinion in an assertive and aggressive manner. OMG BULLY!!! BULLY!!! U. R. A. Bully! *takes deep breath* BUUUULLLLLY. Now we must gather eight of our closest friends to email you incessantly, harass you on twitter and declare that you are a BULLY to the entire world. BULLY. Bully. Bull shit. I have been accused of being a bully, because of my opinion about blogging. I don’t know about you, but when you receive about ten emails and a good bit of twitter mentions – that lean very negatively and call you names, well then who is getting bullied? If I used that type of terminology. Because I’m an adult. And I used the term harassment and cyber stalking – instead of the school yard term bully. I don’t like it directed at me but I really hate when it is directed at others. Because, I can take it. It doesn’t really hurt my confidence or damage my self-worth. But, of course it pisses me off. But, when I see it directed at others – especially when I see it tearing at their self-confidence – well then I get really pissed off. Because there is one thing about a BULLY Predator, they know who will fight back…and they know who will let them get away with it – and most of the time they go after the weaker target.

Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a great Wednesday. If you are having any issues, find that you are targeted for some reason, bullied, harassed, stolen from etc and you do not know how to deal with it. Please email me. Either to just vent your story to a sympathetic ear – or if you need action taken. I know stuff like this can be very overwhelming. Come and let Auntie PJ know about it. XOXO

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