PJV Quickie: I wanted to like this book, a PNR with the Baba Yaga myth – yes! Bring it on! Unfortunately WICKEDLY DANGEROUS by Deborah Blake had a really cool idea – that failed in execution.

Review: I’ll repeat, I was smitten with this idea, Baba Yaga is a potentially sexy as hell new PNR heroine, accompanied by a dragon, in dog form and they live in an Airstream trailer, coming to the assistance of those that still believe. Fantastic idea.

So, how does a really good idea go wrong? Easily. First and foremost the author wrote in a very simplistic style, it started out strong, but the dialogue and the emotional ruminations just blew, reminiscent of a novice writer, not a seasoned author.

Queens looking down patrician noses, Sheriffs eyes shimmering with tears, flaccid bodies, chilly smiles…

Every sentence had a plethora of descriptive terminology jam packed within it for maximum adjective effectiveness. It hurt my brain.

And I might have been able to tolerate that, well until the sticky sweet romance started to unfold and the adjectives increased, along with the emotional back and forth that had my eyes rolling instead of swooning.

But the final nail in this coffin, the kicker, so-to-speak, was the political pontificating the author slipped within this novel. I don’t read Paranormal Romance for political stances, I read them for paranormal and romance. I don’t want a hot-button political topic shoved in my face for the sake of the author forcing her opinion on me. Fracking. Now I know, Deborah Blake is against hydraulic fracturing. I can’t even say if I’m pro or anit-fracking, because I don’t know much about the topic. I have read articles though and I know that the author regurgitated anti-fracking topics ad nauseum. Writing the pro-fracking politician as the “toadish” bad guy. Scowling “out over the crowd, his double chin aquiver with dignified self-righteousness.

I didn’t like it when a few authors did this with Global Warming Climate Change… but at least it was a little more believable. It is a whole world changing temperature…but the fracking issue was just kind of laughable. Like the “Otherworld” would be focused on a small town that is trying to institute fracking because of the supposed ruination of the water supply…you would think the fairies would be more interested in places like say…Delhi or Kabul (two of the most polluted cities in the world) – or maybe that North Pacific Gyre – the island of trash that is floating in the Pacific as we speak. Maybe even the Yamuna River in India in which 58% of Delhi’s waste is dumped into its waters. That might be more believable then hydrofracking which uses about 0.01% of a biocide & chemicals that is debated hotly if it actually is a pollutant, the rest water and sand. Just saying.

But, again – that is my opinion and of course the author’s differs. You have every right to have an opinion on this topic. If they were to try and frack on my land – I guess I would research it more – and find out exactly what would happen to my water-supply. But, when reading a Paranormal Romance – I don’t want the author to try and “teach” me about her political stance on the topic. Especially when it is done so obviously.

When I say things like obvious – this is my example. The question in the book was asked:

“You must discover for me what is causing the disruption of nature’s balance in this region. I can hear the land and water and air cry out in anguish.”

Pretty substantial claim, right? Land and Water and Air crying out in anguish. Intense.

The response:

“It’s the hydrofracking.” Belinda said, as if everyone knew about it.

“The what? Is that some kind of curse word?”

…“It should be Hydraulic fracturing is a way of forcing water, mixed with chemicals and sand and other things, sometimes including radioactive trackers, down deep into the earth under extreme pressure. It can contaminate the water table for miles around, cause water and air pollution, and the waste water it generates is highly poisonous.”

Again, no matter what your stance on fracking is, I don’t really care. I haven’t done any research on this political hott topic, you might be anti-fracking and want the justification of this belief substantiated by your next PNR read. Well then, this is the book for you. But, if you want your PNR to be a bit of escapism from hot-button topics that you can so easily find on the news and in real-life, well stay away from this particular title. I didn’t want this in my novel – hence the long-winded negative review. I feel when I don’t like a title I really have to justify my distaste. Hopefully you enjoyed my justification.