PJV Quickie: A surprisingly different read, THE AFTERMATH that wasn’t quite my taste, but I can see the appeal for other readers. There was a lot of per-established world that I was confused about at first, but quickly got immersed in as the story progressed.

Review: The novel had a bunch of twists and turns, which allowed me to enjoy the story, without really connecting with the characters. The author did an impeccable job of hashing out her plot and crafting it around the story arc. It kept things moving forward and made you think as a reader. My distaste over this novel really had to do with the main character and the fact that you didn’t really believe what was going on within the tale – once you had the plot sort of pegged – well you knew the scenarios weren’t that dangerous. So, it dropped the high-intensity of most apocalypse type stories. The connection with the character didn’t form either, with me. Which I really want to have within an YA novel. I enjoyed the twists though and the cliffhanger was a doozy… urgh those kill me.

Recommendations: For fans of gaming and Young Adult novels. If you enjoy authors like Eve Silver and Ilsa Bick, you should like The Aftermath.