We’ve all done it. C’mon admit it. You’ve done it. Your co-worker probably taught you how to do it, no scratch that – you probably learned how to do it in high school. Wait – er – grammar school…and you’ve been perfecting the art ever since. The art of the “sneaky reader.”  Getting away with reading while you work. A must have skill for the avid reader.

There have been many a book, that I had to finish – so I brought it to work – and it’s just sitting there. Just sitting there. And it’s saying, “read me, read me, Rachel.” How is a girl supposed to work, with that book sitting there?!

So you start sneaky reading.

Eight Ways to Read Instead of Working

  1. Suddenly become a smoker.
    You know what the worst part about quitting smoking? Losing my smoke breaks. No matter how many people think smokers are assholes, they allow them to break at least four times during the work day. Four times! And if you work for a more lax work place – those smokers are out there at the first fifteen of every other hour. Don’t mind me, I’m on a read, er smoke break…
  2. Overactive bladder is a bitch!
    Your boss isn’t going to time you in the bathroom, are they? I hope not – go in with your purse (sorry guys!!!) with the excuse of a “that time of the month” to explain it away or a touch up…and you got things covered.
  3. I like mine with a bit of PDF
    When God, I mean Adobe giant Warnock,  invented the PDF a million book lovers became very unproductive. You can now have the book right up there – right up there on your screen – nice and small of course – but big enough to read and minimize when the boss comes around.
  4. Audiobooks are Amazing!
    You might not actually be able to work while you listen – but you can stare interestedly at your computer screen or shuffle papers, maybe pretend to read email – while you listen away.
  5. The Classic Sneak
    Why yes, that is my latest romance hidden under that pile of forms I was supposed to have on the bosses desk yesterday. I’m filling them out – swear.
  6. Photocopies
    This takes a little more maneuvering, but why not – especially if your boss is a stickler. Photocopy your book page by page – and the read those sheets – like they are handouts. It’s a waste of paper, but it works in a pinch.
  7. Print in a Pinch
    Most of the protected PDF files that you’ll receive for review will not have print allowed, but the free pdfs that you can find on the web, (make sure they are public domain books – and not ripped off copies please!) you will be able to print them.
  8. The Old Book in the Drawer Trick
    I perfected this trick! Does you cubicle have a keyboard tray? Well all you have to do is place your book on top of the keyboard and read away. If you don’t have a keyboard tray, and small top drawer will also work. Place papers on your desk pertaining to your work – and lean over like you are reading them.