PJV Quickie Review: The second in the series pulls no punches. Allen Zadoff has delivered a remarkably intense follow-up to  I AM THE WEAPON. Once again you are plunged into the world of the unknown assassin as his perfectly constructed life slides out of control. Everything he thought was truth, might just be a lie as he is sent to kill the leader of a cult-like para-military group. He doesn’t know if his superiors are testing him or if they have abandoned him – and for once – he is forced to make his own decisions, which may have deadly consequences.

Phenomenal, fast-paced, thought-provoking and different. I can’t get enough of The Unknown Assassin!

My only issues is a spoiler issue, so I won’t go into it…but it seems in both books their is romance for our loveable Assassin…and for someone so cold hearted the girls just kind of get right under his skin. Which seems like a deliberate move on the author. It was realistic in the first book, but some deviation from the romantic thread might have been a bit better in the second one. Nothing crazy though – but just the reason this has a 4.5 star, instead of a 5. Gotta give my reasons.

Read the books. Start at the first one. A bit mature for young readers, I’m giving it a grades 10 – 12 rating.