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Day 9 – Share with us the story of your favorite teacher or mentor.


The Back to School Book Blogger Challenge comes to a close with the Day 9 challenge.  Did you guys have fun? If so – come back for the next challenge. The next BIG one on the books will be a Horrific Halloween Adventure. But, I’m also open for suggestions. Just let me know in comments or if you want to keep it a sekret…email me.

My Favorite Teacher


I have had a few favorite teachers in my lifetime. The one that made the most impact happened to not be a teacher at all, but my first boss (well the first boss in my career). She was the Marketing Director, she hired me over Chinese food (my first interview over lunch) and she blew my world away. It’s a heady feeling being 22, fresh out of college and you report straight to an executive. She was also a working manager, so she taught me all kinds of things that I would never have learned in college.

I still believe that I learned more things in those two years in my position as her Marketing Assistant then I did through my entire college career. The difference in her then other bosses I’ve had was the fact she didn’t hoard information, she told me straight up what was going on, she taught me her job – so she could let me do it, instead of fearing for her position. She knew that she was good at what she did and we were both probably moving on from this position in a few years – so why act all territorial, like the majority of my bosses have.

When lay-offs began in the company we worked for, she pulled me aside and told me that most likely I would be on the list at some point. Coming from the main office, not our branch. Because I was technically the only employee employed by the main company – and not the smaller company – in which I was located within. Working for Fortune 500s can be really complicated, because they have companies within companies – and she always made sure she explained everything – instead of keeping it mysterious. And eventually when I did get laid-off, she made sure that I was actually hired back as a consultant, until I could finally find the perfect job. Who does that?

Working within a Marketing Department is like being on a perpetual reality television show like Big Brother. And I’ve worked within six of these microcosms of narcissism and consumerism. Every time, but the time I worked for my first boss, have been harrowing experiences, where half the time you don’t know what you are doing because the boss is screaming at you “why the hell did you use red in our Mardi Gras advertisement campaign??!!!” And I’m staring at him – because it’s not red – it’s green…to look up and see my director nodding behind him in agreement…while again I’m all confused…

Come to find out – the boss is color blind – and instead of telling him – we must just smile and apologize – wtf is that? So, having my first boss treat me that way made a huge impact. I used what she taught me to later manage my own people, similar to how she managed me. And I hope I made a similar impact.

I have had some great teachers in my life, some amazing teachers – from my 8th grade math teacher Mrs. Haggerty, to my 12th grade AP English teacher Mrs. Ellis, even more so, to my Typography teacher, Darlene – who I later worked with in my career and GDI & II teacher Gina (college we get 1st names only) who taught via Beastie Boy lyrics…all of them made a huge impact. I can only hope that my own daughter gets to have such great teachers.

Thank you for doing the challenge with me! I’m sorry I haven’t visited as many posts as I should have this week – we’ve had some crazy times in the Rivera household with our own start of school and a few personal crises… nothing terrible, just time consuming. But, again – thank you for sharing – I’m making my way slowly through everyone’s posts.

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