PJV Review: The synopsis describes this as an unforgettable epic romance and while this title was enjoyable, I wouldn’t describe it as unforgettable or epic. Boo! I know. This was sort of a cult, meets time travel, meets dystopian, weird mix of genres, that I did find enjoyable, but it also played to that suspension of disbelief, which is common in YA scifi, at moments which left me with a lighter flavor and feel, when I wanted heavy.

Review: The story covers a time traveling teen, which is brought to the past by some sort of portal. This portal seems to only be used once or twice by a mass of people who come to the past and establish a cultish community which is lorded over by a committee. They have set rules and to break the rules means death or rehabilitation or something of that sort. Prenna James is the main character and from the onset of the novel, she is a rebel, not wanting to follow the rules – or at least, she follows the rules until a boy shows interest in her. Then for love – she breaks all the rules and changes the entire future.

It was fast paced, and thrilling, there was also a lot of surprises and I liked the plot and story that Brashares created. It was a good book, I sat down and devoured it. I recommend it to lovers of lighter type dystopians. Where it kind of went wrong for me, came to light when convenient facts and plot threads lined up to bring an outcome that the author had planned. It was obvious conclusions, because it moved the plot ahead and I’m never a fan of obvious story-telling.

Recommendations: I recommend this for fans of authors like Kiera Cass and Tahereh Mafi. Ages 14+.