Back to School Blogger Challenge Assingment Shett

Day 8 – The Biggest Lesson I’ve learned as a blogger.


Who made up these post prompts??

Sorry Not Sorry

The Biggest Lesson I’ve learned as a blogger…I guess I would have to say that the biggest lesson I’ve been taught is just a basic life lesson. You never know what is going to happen. I thought my life was going to go a certain way – and then suddenly I picked up this little hobby called blogging. Then my life took a drastic turn. I never once thought six years ago that this would be my future. How could I?

So, simply. Lesson learned. Blogging changed my life. I’ve learned a ton of things from it, I’ve met a ton of new people. I’ve learned a whole bunch of technical things, about publishing, programming, social networks, online software etc. But, bringing it back to basics…never take yourself too seriously and brace for impact – because you never know when life is gonna throw you down a different path – kicking, screaming or skipping.


What is your biggest lesson learned?