Back to School Blogger Challenge Assingment Shett

Day 6: Starting Fresh! Back to School means time to get organized and start fresh. What are some steps you will take on your blog to keep things flowing smoothly or to change things up?

  1. The PJV will be getting a new design soon, or at least a new framework. I just have to take the time to do it for myself.
  2. I have purchased a series of premium plugins to help with organization and communication between all the PJV reviewers
  3. For the reviewers on the site, we’ve simplified our reviewing style, discussing just the basics
  4. I’m hoping to start a new meme
  5. I’m also going to try and work more Middle Grade into the blog…since my little girl is at that level and we now have an influx of MG books in our home library. Along with discussions on getting my child to read etc. I don’t know if anyone is interested in this…we will see. It is mainly for my benefit – to see if you guys have any advice for me!
  6. More giveaways. I will just go broke. Anyone want to sponsor a few??


That seems like just a little – but it is a lot to change up the blog and keep things fresh!

How will you keep your blog fresh??