Geeky Junkee here. Supposed to be talking about the awesome stuff, but I’m too lame this week.

So last week, I was all like “I’ll do my post at work before work starts.” Then I went to my new job and to my utter dismay, my worked blocked PJV due to content. What?! Fascists! So I totally missed last week’s post. And I felt like a loser. So today I missed my post deadline again, and I’m pretty sure that Rachel is considering revoking my privileges.

I just went back to teaching full time during the day and then I  also teach college part time at night.  So I’m trying to get this whole work-life-blogging thing down. I’m using my planner so remembering isn’t the problem. It’s the doing that’s the issue, but I’ll get it worked out.

So how do you guys juggle this craziness? Anyone else out there beating herself up because she’s not getting everything she wants to get done-done?