DESTINED FOR DOON is releasing September 2nd and if you don’t know the series, the first book DOON is a PJV must read. Young Adult Fantasy at it’s finest.

Especially now with OUTLANDER becoming so popular – this is a Highlander Hottie fest in YA flavor!

Since I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that they have to read this series, Carey and Lorie finally relented and allowed me to reveal some exclusive content – just for you -a deleted scene from the first book – Doon!

CHAPTER 31.1 – The Slimy Dungeon … Again

Mackenna (This is the beginning of the second dungeon scene from Mackenna’s point of view.)

I stared into space, caught in the same restless, bereft feeling that always came over me when I finished a show. It wasn’t merely the lack of focus from being between plays—it was like being between people. My own skin felt strange and too tight, like wearing the wrong sized clothing. Being half in and half out of Doon felt eerily similar.

Panic at the thought of being trapped here clawed at my insides like a raging wildcat. But in spite of my dread, I didn’t seem to have the energy to move. If we didn’t get out, we couldn’t cross the bridge. If we couldn’t cross the bridge, the journal and the witch’s influence would remain in Doon. And so would we.

We would be doomed to coexist with a village full of people who believed we were their enemy. Most likely, spend the rest of our very long lives in this icky, scurvy-infested dungeon. Alone.

Vee smushed her face against the bars of the dungeon door and watched for Fiona’s return. When she caught sight of her, she bounced on her toes in agitation.

“Something’s not right.”

Fiona’s mournful voice resounded from the other side. “Something? Try everything. The Brig o’ Doon will be openin’ soon.”

“No, I mean with Jamie.”

“Aye.” Fiona soft lilt of reassurance was edged with doubt. “Don’t ye fret, Veronica. Fergus’ will talk some sense inta him.”

“Fergus has failed.” Fergus’s ragged voice reached us through the void, followed by a scuffle, a moan and a soft thump. “I didna even get to see him.”

With a humorless chuckle, he continued to address himself in the third person. “So now as second highest Commander of the Royal Guard, Fergus is committing treason.”

The unmistakable click of the locking mechanism caused the heavy iron door to swing outward. Rather than Fergus, Duncan rushed in to gather me into the haven of his arms. His disheveled hair stuck out at odd angles, and a purpling bruise darkened his right cheekbone—but on the whole, he looked amazing. His grave, dark eyes searched my face making my insides go molten. “Are ye all right, Mackenna?”

I nodded and buried my head against his massive chest. His heat and the calming scent of leather saddles and sunshine filled my senses. The steady beat of his heart gave me courage. “I know how it must look, but we’re innocent. We found out about the witch but we were trying to stop her. You have to believe m—”

“Shhh.” Duncan smoothed an errant lock of my hair with his fingertips and tucked it behind my ears. “How many times are ye going to put me through this? Don’t ye think I know who you are? I know you.”

“Guys?” Vee cleared her throat, and waited as Duncan and I parted. “Sorry to interrupt, but, I’ve got to see him. Now.” None of us needed her to clarify who ‘him’ was. With a great sigh, Fergus turned his doleful face toward Vee. “Jamie’ll not see you, lass. Ye’ll not make it past Gideon’s men any more than I did. They got the jump on me.” “I’m not giving up.” Vee’s determined eyes swept over each of us. “I’ll go by myself, if I have to.”

If the situations were reversed, if I was the one needing to see Duncan, Vee would have my back. I hadn’t the slightest doubt. So I was in. “I’m coming with you.” Next to me, Fiona squared her shoulders. “Me, too.”

Already half a dozen shades of pink, Fergus emitted another humorless chuckle. “Seeing how I’m already slated for the dungeon m’self, count me in. Where Fiona goes, I go.” I turned to the only one of us yet to speak. Other than Vee, Duncan had the most to lose. If he chose not to go against his sovereign’s orders, I wouldn’t blame him.

His brown eyes, hard and yet cherishing at the same time, narrowed in reproach. He lifted his hand, to touch my cheek in a butterfly caress. The gentle gesture sent shivers down my spine. “Aye. I’m in.”

He was right. I kept testing him, and he passed every time. Duncan would not fail us. Vee gave him a determined nod and then charged into the corridor without a doubt that we would follow her…into the impossible—to face an evil witch—to save a boy king—perhaps even to death.

Maybe she was part ninja after all.


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Exclusive Deleted Scene from Doon: Destined for Doon Release Tour by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Destined for Doon by Carey Corp, Lorie Langdon

Series: Doon #2
Published by Blink on September 2nd 2014
Also in this series: Doon
Also by this author: Doon
5 Stars

In this sequel to Doon, Mackenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake—choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon. To make everything worse, she’s received her Calling—proof she and Duncan are each other’s one true love—and it’s pure torment, especially when visions of the very alluring Scottish prince appear right before she goes on stage. So when Duncan tells her an ancient curse threatens to overtake Doon and the new queen needs her to return, Kenna doesn’t have to think twice. With darkness closing in on all sides, Kenna and Vee must battle a world of nightmares in order to protect the kingdom. But it will take the ultimate test of courage for Kenna to salvage her happily ever after.


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