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Inappropriate tweeting…a snarktastic adventure.

There was live inspiration for this post. I did have another subject, but after last night, I had to do this. This tweet, from White House Chief Press Secretary Eric Shultz about what the president and staff were doing last night:

…it was right after this tweet from the Chicago Sun-Times about the current state of small-town America (which was just one of thousands!):

Followed up shortly by CNN reporter Jack Tapper who expanded on the “good time”:

Granted Eric Shultz got a bit of feedback for his very untimely tweet:

The first few reactions...
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.52.22 AM

My faves:

Now this ISSUE is much bigger then a snarky book blogger’s post about inappropriate tweeting. In fact, I’m so angry about what happened last night, that I just have to mock it. But this shows you, that everyone can screw up big time on twitter, even the White House’s press secretary – And look like an ass. I just sometimes don’t get it. Obviously you are on twitter – why don’t you pay attention to what is going on via twitter?

I mean they put it right there in your sidebar…

Innapropriate tweeting

Just, think before you tweet. You can lose a lot more then twitter followers by tweeting out something inappropriate. Bad tweets get people fired. Bad tweets get you kicked off twitter. Bad tweets can get your blog black listed.

And the number one thing to do when the SHTF on twitter, is stop tweeting silly things, especially any automated tweets. Shut it down.

So pay attention people. You aren’t just having a conversation… especially when your twitter followers keep increasing. You can look dumb or insensitive very easily. Nothing really aggravates me more, when twitter is going crazy with disturbing reports – and an author / blogger tweets out something ridiculously promotional or inappropriate. I mean, I’m not waiting for you to tweet something epic or moving or anything…but at least acknowledge something. Anything. You just look, well…

…like you are an insensitive asshat. Which will lead to you getting boo’d on twitter. Which will lead to no one buying your book. Which will lead to you having to get a job at the local theme park, dressed up as a Penguin in a tutu. Dressed as a penguin in a tutu, you can’t see well – and trip over a small child and fall into a vat of boiling oil for the funnel cakes. 

Don’t be an insensitive asshat.

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