In conjunction with my my #SnarkWeek post about inappropriate tweeting, I thought I would expand upon the concept of “To Tweet or Not to Tweet...” which can be such a fuzzy topic in today’s society.

So, to erase the fuzzies, I thought I should give you a few pointers:

10 Things That Make You Look Like an Idiot on Twitter

The main thing with tweeting is to think of twitter as a cocktail party. A big cocktail party. You are there to meet new friends, share some similar interests and network with possible new clients. Like any party, you might step in a faux pas without even realizing it. Let’s make sure it’s brushed off – and doesn’t resonate through social media immortality…


  1. Make a general statement but put the @personinquestion first. Did you know that when you tweet with the @person first – it only goes to that person. The only people that see those tweets are people that follow both you and the person. When phrasing your question to the general populace but mentioning a twitter user – add a period in front of the @. I see this a lot in giveaways – @parajunkee is giving away a big box of books! Ok well all they are doing is mentioning you. Oops. To fix this:

    .@parajunkee is giving away a big box of books!

  2. It is a Hashtag, not an exclamation point. Today is #hot #as #sin – I’m gonna #soak my #butt in the #pool. #hotassin #givemewater #poollife (Can you say #ridiculous?). Don’t abuse the Hashtag. Only use it for terms you want to make searchable, or include in a group of tweets.
  3. Tweet for Attention Much? If you were really contemplating murdering your neighbor #forreals – I would hope that you wouldn’t tweet it out. Keep it positive and keep it drama free. I know you really want to tell the world about how your neighbor is an uber dbag – but rants about people we can’t relate to, with negative undertones really give people the skeevies. Remember they don’t know you and your tweets are looking pretty homicidal. What is going to be their conclusion?
  4. Incorrect information. If you enjoy tweeting out informative type of things, make sure you check your facts before you retweet willy-nilly. Especially if it is hot-button. If you tweet out disinformation you can lose the trust of your followers and look dumb.
  5. Twitter Foot Stamp. Fine twitter! No one will talk to me, I’m going home!!! No one loves me, I have no mentions! No one is responding to me! I want to commit twitter suicide!!! Well, you might just have. The only people that might start talking to you – well they are only talking to you because they pity you. Is that what you wanted?
  6. Random mentions

    Okay. Good for you. Why did you just mention me? Oh yeah, you just mentioned me to get a reaction from me.

  7. Trash Talk. I unfortunately see this happen a lot with individuals who own businesses. They trash talk competitors. They trash talk their clients, or they trash talk their customers. Authors that tweet out stupid question from readers – that they then mock, or they bash other books in the same genre. Businesses, like blog tour companies and pr firms that trash bloggers requests. We aren’t laughing with you…you look like a bully.
  8. Your opinion stinks. Disregarding the other side of an opinion – because you are right and that is it!
  9. Mistakes on your profile. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen was this chick’s profile, that stated, she wouldn’t take any {insert expletive of choice} from anyone and if they didn’t like it they could shove it up their {insert random body orifice}. But that little statement was peppered with misspellings and incorrect grammar. I laughed for like ten minutes – when I got that little “____ is following you” message. Mistakes happen, just proof your profile at least.
  10. Zen Tweets.

    Whoa. Someone hit the bong before they got on twitter? Hey dude, I don’t get you. Bogus I know.