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Feeding Frenzy! The Top Ten List of Worst Books You’ve Ever Read

Top Ten Worst Books I've Read

Worst Books I've Ever Read

 Nathaniel Hawthorne’s THE SCARLET LETTER had to be the hardest book I’ve ever read. I didn’t like the book and I resented my American lit teacher with a passion for making me read it. She also forced me to read WALDEN, THE GRAPES OF WRATH and ON THE ROAD – cementing my dislike of classic American Literature. Sorry the Brits got us on the classics in my opinion.

Worst Books Ever

Nothing is worse then a great series going to pot…and while I kept reading on in the series, this one sort of set the stage for my hatred of the series. It pains me, but it tops the list. And while a lot of the dislike might be considered “slut shaming” – it really isn’t for me. If there was a plot in between the massive amounts of sex – I might still be paying my $25.00 for a hardcover. Which I also think is RIDICULOUS!!!

Worst Books Ever

If you want to read a book with an almost comical amount of misspelled words, bad grammar, characters that are not likable in the least (and the few good characters DIE), a plot with holes the size of the grand canyon, a lot of vomiting, sex that morphs bushes into expressive topiaries, written by an author who doesn’t know how to handle herself online…well this is the book for you.

Worst Books Ever

I was so upset after reading this book, that I wrote a comparison chart into my review. A comparison chart showing exactly how this book was a TWILIGHT rip-off. Anything closer and she would have plagiarized TWILIGHT.

Worst Books Ever

I used to love Stephen King, his earlier novels will appear on my all time favorites list. I pre-ordered this bad boy and then spent 2 days trudging through it. A lot of the book still sits with me, so I have to say, for some this could be a good, compelling book – but I just found it to be tiring. The characters were ridiculous stereotypes and the ending was fulfilling. The let-down of this novel still resonates today. The tv series even got boring.

Halfway through – you still with me?

Worst Books Ever

I get it, it was satire. No, actually I didn’t get it. This was probably the worst satirical novel I’ve read. Because it wasn’t satirical, it was a badly written dystopian.

Worst Books I've read

This was a highly anticipated post-apocalyptic novel that turned into a drab, slow-paced, yawn fest. It was as if Steinbeck wrote a dystopian and that is not a compliment. Think really poor, desperate people, barely surviving – in the a really poor, desperate future. So desperate and poor that you feel dirty after reading.

Worst Books Ever

I thought Hilary Duff’s ghost writer would have been a bit better… unfortunately Duff must have had more input into this novel then she should have. Immortality, shopping and American Express Black cards. Captivating I say!

Worst Books Ever

 This book and I just didn’t get along together. It was ridiculous. It made me feel uncomfortable. The harassment by rabid fans over my 1 star review made me hate this book ever more.

and finally…

Fifty Shades, Worst Book Ever

I really don’t want to put this book on ANY list on my site, I got enough traffic from the read-along. But, this has to be the worst book ever written – based on the plot, the characters, the inner monologue of the heroine and then it’s popularity. I wish people would read other books – but what can you do?

You got any titles you want to share? Happy Snark Week!!!!!